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November 21, 2001

CPSC Announces Recall Round-up of Toys and Children's Products


 (SafetyAlerts) -  As families gather for the holidays, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers that dangerous children's products may still be in their homes. Grandparents dust off old playpens; older children often share their toys with younger relatives; and keepsakes are stored in old cedar chests. The CPSC wants to prevent these holiday traditions from becoming tragedies. Despite recall notices and public warnings, CPSC has found that many products with the potential to seriously injure or kill are still being used by consumers. CPSC is releasing a list of dangerous children's products- over 23 million product units -- that might still be in people's homes. These are some of the CPSC's largest recalls or consumer alerts involving children's products over the last year. Families should check whether old products have been recalled and place them out of the reach of children. Manufacturers will usually offer a free repair kit or replacement product.

Parents can get the list of recalled products by going to the CPSC website,, or calling toll free, 1-800-638-2772. This list identifies recalled children's products that are off store shelves but may still be lurking in attics, basements, toy boxes or closets.

The CPSC is also providing safety tips (see box) that will help consumers choose appropriate toys this holiday season and year round.

Recalled Children's Products that May Still be in Consumers' Homes

Zapper Toys (940,000) distributed by nine firms. Small balloon tongues and the cylinders holding the tongues can detach posing a choking hazard. One firm received a report of a 3-year-old boy who inhaled a balloon tongue that detached from a Zapper toy into his sinus cavity. He required medical treatment to remove the part from his nose. Throw away toys or take them back to place of purchase for a refund.

Sassy Rattles (455,000) distributed by Sassy Inc. Rattles have sewn-on spherical fabric eyes that can detach, posing a choking hazard. 129 reports of eyes detaching; 1 child started to choke and parent used Heimlich maneuver to remove the eye. Take rattle away from young children and return to Sassy for free replacement. Contact Sassy at (800) 781-1080 or

Little Tikes Swings (250,000) distributed by Little Tikes Company. The buckles on the swing can break and the shoulder restraint straps can pull out of the back of the seat, causing young children to fall. 14 reports of problems, 5 injuries. Contact Little Tikes to receive a free repair kit at (800) 815-4820 or visit the firm's web site at

Lane Cedar Chests (12 million) distributed by Lane Co. The cedar chest lids automatically latch shut when closed, posing a suffocation hazard to children. 10 children suffocated inside the chests. New locks, used since 1987, will prevent entrapments because they do not automatically latch shut. No Lane cedar chests manufactured since 1987 pose this safety hazard. Contact Lane to get new free locks (easy to install at home) to prevent entrapments, (888) 856-8758 or

Safety 1st Fold-Up Booster Seat models 173, 173A and 173B (1.5 million) distributed by Safety 1st. . The top half of the booster seat insert can separate, causing a child to fall and be injured. 32 reports where the seat halves separated; 7 injuries. Contact Safety 1st for free repair kit at (888) 579-1730 or

Evenflo Joyride Car Seats/Carriers models 203, 205, 210, 435, 493 (3.4 million) distributed by Evenflo Co. Inc., when used as an infant carrier, the handle can unexpectedly release, causing the seat to flip forward and allowing an infant to fall to the ground and suffer serious injuries. 240 reports of handles releasing; 97 injuries. Contact Evenflo to get a free repair kit at (800) 557-3178 or

Century Car Seats/Carriers (4 million) distributed by Century products, when used as an infant carrier, the handle can break, causing an infant to fall to the ground and suffer serious injuries. 2700 reports of handle-related problems; 200 injuries. Contact Century to get a free easy-to-install replacement handle at (800) 865-1419 or

Baby Trend Portable Cribs/Play Yards models Home and Roam and Baby Express (100,000) distributed by Baby Trend Inc., these cribs/play yards can collapse and entrap an infant in the V-shape created by the collapsed sides of the crib/play yard. Play yards made since 1997 meet a new safety standard that requires the top rails automatically lock into place when the unit is fully set up. 5 deaths and 3 reports of babies found not breathing (who were revived). Contact Baby Trend to get a free new play yard at (800) 328-7363 or

Cosco Playpens models "Zip n Go", "Okie Dokie" and "Carters" (102,000) distributed by Dorel Juvenile Group, plastic tabs on the playpen that lock the rails into the corners can break or loosen over time, allowing the rails to turn inward, collapse, and entrap an infant. 421 reports of rails not locking; 1 death to a baby whose chest was caught in the V-shape created by the collapsed sides of his playpen. Contact Dorel Juvenile Group to get a refund or replacement product at (800) 314-9327 or

Twister Portable Lamps (480,000) distributed by Emess Lighting Inc. and SLI Lighting Solutions Inc. The lamp's bulb can become hot, presenting a risk of burn injuries and the risk of fire if the bulb touches combustibles. 5 injuries and 12 reports of property damage. Contact the firm to get a free retrofit kit at (800) 366-2579 or .

Source: CPSC.

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