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July 18, 2002

Jakks Pacific Has Recalled Certain Cans of "Smatter" Spray Foam

Malibu, CA (SafetyAlerts) - Jakks Pacific Inc. has recalled approximately 296,000 cans of its aerosol "Smatter" spray foam. If the pressurized can is left in a hot automobile, it can forcefully break apart and cause injury to a nearby consumer.

Jakks Pacific has received eight reports of the aerosol container breaking apart. One child reportedly suffered a minor bump on the head when a can of spray foam broke apart after being in a hot car. In two cases, car windshields were cracked.

Only early production of spray foam with the date codes "0492PT" to "0952PT" stamped on the bottom of the can are involved in this recall. "Smatter" is an aerosol product that sprays a soft foam material from the can when the nozzle is pushed. The product is generally used at parties, celebrations, or games. The spray foam is sold in three different varieties: "Original Smatter," "Spit Smatter," and "Fatter Smatter." "SMATTER" appears in large print on the can and on the cardboard packaging. "NickelodeonTM" is written on the orange handle. "Made in China" is written the back of the product.

Discount department and toy stores sold the recalled "Smatter" products nationwide from February 2002 through June 5, 2002 for about $10.

Consumers should immediately take the recalled "Smatter" away from children and contact Jakks Pacific, Inc. at (800) 554-5516 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, for information on receiving a free replacement "Smatter" product. Never leave any aerosol can in a hot car because it could break apart, possibly causing injury

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