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July 17, 2002

Recall Update: Keebler/Bishop Baking Company oatmeal cookies Recall is Complete

(SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released the following information.

Product consists of two oatmeal cookies with a creme filling identified as "cookie sandwich", "filled cookie", "pies", or "cakes."
Brand Name UPC Net Weight
Baker?s Treat Oatmeal Crème Filled Cookies 4149818842 16 oz.
Bi-Lo Oatmeal Crème Pies 3825948082 16 oz.
Bishop?s Oatmeal Crème Pies 7561405540 9.25 oz
Bluebird Oatmeal Crème Filled Snack Cake 7235934553 2 oz.
BlueBird Oatmeal Crème Pie 7235934546 9.25 oz
Break Cake Oatmeal Crème Soft Cookie Sandwich 5040014639 2 oz.
Break Cake Oatmeal Crème Soft Cookie Sandwich 4383146384 2 oz.
Crackin? Good Oatmeal Crème Pies 2114015917 11.5 oz
Fiesta Oatmeal Crème Filled Cakes 1816135402 11.25 oz
Food Lion Oatmeal Cakes 3582600430 11.25 oz
Kash n? Karry Oatmeal Cakes 9961461010 11.25 oz
Keefe Kitchens Oatmeal Cakes and Creme 8738100680 11.25 oz
Kroger Crème Filled Oatmeal Cookies 1111011581 9.25 oz
Laura Lynn Oatmeal Snack Cakes 8685401124 11.25 oz
Party World Oatmeal Crème Cakes 7624411181 9.25 oz
Shurefine Oatmeal Snack Cakes 1116114541 9.25 oz.
Southern Home Oatmeal Crème Pies 0788016334 16 oz.
Recall # F-627-2.

This recall involves all package sizes and codes of Oatmeal Crème Filled pies and Cookies except package codes preceded with the letter "G" Product, UPC Codes, Code Examples are as follows:Baker's Treat Oatmeal Crème Filled Cookies, 4149818842, Mar 01 02 C Bi-Lo Oatmeal Crème Pies, 3825948082, Mar 08 02 CBishop Oatmeal Crème Pies, 7561405540, L03052, 03052, 13413Bluebird Oatmeal Crème Filled Sandwiches, 7235934553 and 7235934546, L03052Break Cake Oatmeal Crème Filled Soft Cookie Sandwich, 5040014639 and 4383146384, Mar 01 02 C Crackin' Good Oatmeal Crème Pies, 2114015917, Mar 01 02 CFiesta Oatmeal Crème Filled Cakes, 1816135402, L03052Food Lion Oatmeal Cakes, 3582600430, Mar 01 02 CKash n' Karry Oatmeal Cakes and Crème, 9961461010, L03052Keefe Kitchen Oatmeal Cakes and Crème, 8738100680, L03052Kroger Crème Filled Oatmeal Cookies, 1111011581, Mar 01 02 CLaura Lynn Oatmeal Snack Cakes, 8685401124, L03052Party World Oatmeal Crème Cakes, 7624411181, 20603Shurfine Oatmeal Snack Cakes, 1116114541, L03052Southern Home Oatmeal Crème Cakes, 0788016334, Mar 01 02 CTaste Delight Oatmeal Cookies, 6450900701, ***Canadian distribution.

Keebler/Bishop Baking Company, Cleveland, TN, by press release, fax and telephone on December 7, 2001.
Firm initiated recall is complete.

The product contained undeclared eggs.

377,519 cases.

Nationwide, including Puerto Rico and Canada

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