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September 22, 2003

Table Talk Pies Announces Voluntary Product Recall

(SafetyAlerts) - Table Talk Pies announced today it has voluntarily recalled a quantity of assorted snack fruit pies. The pies, which are sold under various labels in a number of states on the East Coast, may contain a pecan residue on the product surface which could potentially affect a small segment of the population with known allergies to nuts.

The company said all affected products are immediately being removed from store shelves, with new supplies expected to be available by this weekend. The company emphasized that it has received no reports of illnesses associated with these products. In the event a consumer has purchased one of the pies before they were removed from stores, they should either return the product for a full refund or discard it.

Christos Cocaine, Table Talk Pies president, said, ?Our top priorities are consumer and product safety. Although we believe there is only a very slight chance that an individual could be affected by the products in question, we voluntarily chose to recall the pies immediately. We have also notified and are cooperating fully with the Food and Drug Administration. We have already corrected this problem and regret any inconvenience to our valued customers.?

The affected fruit pie flavors are blueberry, apple, pineapple, lemon, cherry, chocolate ├ęclair, peach and pumpkin. The recall affects approximately 275,000 4-inch snack pies.

The company has set up a consumer hotline to respond to inquiries. Consumers can have questions answered by calling 508-438-1513.

The affected products were baked in the company?s Worcester plant between September 16 and September 17 and distributed to retail outlets from Maine to Virginia. The labels and product codes are:

Table Talk Label

0927 OCT 02
0928 OCT 03
SEP 25
SEP 26
SEP 28
SEP 29
SEP 30

Freihofer Label
SEP 27 ? 4

Entenmann?s Label
27 27 30 29
1001 1002 1003 1003

Frisbie Label
927 OCT 02

Blue Ribbon Label
SEP 26
SEP 27.

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