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April 29, 2003

White Wave Has Recalled Additional Vanilla Silk Soymilk

Boulder, CO (SafetyAlerts) - White Wave has recalled approximately 360 additional packages of its 64 ounce/half gallon blue, gable top cartons of Vanilla Silk brand soymilk. The code dates involved in the voluntary recall read - June 27 03 H CD-70 and June 27 03 J CD-70 and were sold only as 3-pack cases in Sam's Clubs in the following states: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle. The product can be identified by these code dates stamped on each carton. No other Vanilla Silk, Silk or White Wave products are involved in the recall.

The voluntary recall was issued after it was discovered that some of the product may contain a caustic, sodium hydroxide based material used to clean and sanitize manufacturing equipment. White Wave and Sam's Club have taken action to remove all of the recalled product from store shelves. Consumers should return any product in their possession for a full refund.

The contaminant impacts the taste and smell of the product so most consumers are not likely to drink it. Consumers who have consumed the product and experienced burning, nausea or other symptoms should contact a health care provider.

"We have isolated the manufacturing equipment malfunction that led to the problem and have put additional safeguards in place to prevent this chain of events from impacting our product in the future," said Steve Demos, president of White Wave.

Consumers with questions may contact White Wave toll free at (800) 488-9283


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