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October 3, 2002

Recall Update McCormick and Company Recall is Complete

(SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released the following information.

Item #/Product Description
a) FA0665 Hot & Spicy Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-819-2;
b) FA0853 Wendy's H&S Filet Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-820-2;
c) FA0854 Wendy's Chicken Nugget (1 lot). Recall # F-821-2;
d) FA1097 Chicken Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-822-2;
e) FA2032 Chicken Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-823-2;
f) FA2033 Chicken Breader (1 lot). Recall # F-824-2;
g) FA2250 Chicken Fritter Breader (2 lots). Recall # F-825-2;
h) FA2359 McD Flt Bttr w/Btrmillk (2 lots). Recall # F-826-2;
i) FA2360 McD Flt Bttr w/C&B (2 lots). Recall # F-827-2;
j) FA2503 KFC OR Sandwich Batter (2 lots). Recall # F-828-2;
k) FA2836 Wendy's Nugget Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-829-2;
l) FA3357 Chicken Fillet Predust (1 lot). Recall # F-830-2;
m) FA3545 KFC FTF Popcorn Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-831-2;
n) F15768 Wendy's Chicken Nugget Batter (1 lots).
Recall # F-832-2;
o) F16306 Wendy's Filet Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-833-2;
p) F18902 Chicken Wing Batter (1 lots). Recall # F-834-2;
q) F18903 Chicken Wing Breader (2 lots). Recall # F-835-2;
r) F19816 Wendy's Chicken Predust (1 lots). Recall # F-836-2;
s) F70705 Wendy's Filet Breader H&S (3 lots). Recall # F-837-2;
t) F71191 Chicken Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-838-2;
u) F73942 Wendy's Filet Batter H&S (1 lots). Recall # F-839-2;
v) F74517 Chicken Breader (1 lot). Recall # F-840-2;
w) F75006 Chicken Liver Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-841-2;
x) F75707 Chicken Batter (1 lot). Recall # F-842-2;
y) F76282 Chicken Batter (3 lots). Recall # F-843-2;
z) F76283 Chicken Breader (5 lots). Recall # F-844-2;
aa) F76484 KFC Crispy Strip Breader (2 lots). Recall # F-845-2;
bb) F76487 KFC Crispy Strip Batter (2 lots). Recall # F-846-2;
cc) F76744 MRB Breader (1 lot). Recall # F-847-2;
dd) F79270 KFC OR Sandwich Predust (2 lots). Recall # F-848-2.

Item # Lot # Product Description
FA0665 01L0993 Hot & Spicy Batter
FA0853 01L1174 Wendy's H&S Filet Batter
FA0854 01L1175 Wendy's Chicken Nugget
FA1097 01L0886 Chicken Batter
FA2032 01L1009 Chicken Batter
FA2033 01L1010 Chicken Breader
FA2250 01L0879 Chicken Fritter Breader
01L0900 Chicken Fritter Breader
FA2359 01L0956 McD Flt Bttr w/Btrmillk
01L0959 McD Flt Bttr w/Btrmillk
FA2360 01L0957 McD Flt Bttr w/C&B
01L0964 McD Flt Bttr w/C&B
FA2503 01L0800 KFC OR Sandwich Batter
01L1187 KFC OR Sandwich Batter
FA2836 01L1216 Wendy's Nugget Batter
FA3357 02A1520 Chicken Fillet Predust
FA3545 01L1208 KFC FTF Popcorn Batter
F15768 01L0922 Wendy's Chicken Nugget Batter
F16306 01L1211 Wendy's Filet Batter
F18902 01L1132 Chicken Wing Batter
F18903 01L0987 Chicken Wing Breader
01L1294 Chicken WIng Breader
F19816 01L0914 Wendy's Chicken Predust
F70705 01K0484 Wendy's Filet Breader H&S
01L1262 Wendy's Filet Breader H&S
01L1286 Wendy's Filet Breader H&S
F71191 01L1020 Chicken Batter
F73942 01L1103 Wendy's Filet Batter H&S
F74517 01L1375 Chicken Breader
F75006 01L0975 Chicken Liver Batter
F75707 01L0981 Chicken Batter
F76282 01K0469 Chicken Batter
01K0613 Chicken Batter
01L0906 Chicken Batter
F76283 01K0625 Chicken Breader
01K0626 Chicken Breader
01L0908 Chicken Breader
01L0910 Chicken Breader
01L1254 Chicken Breader
F76484 01L0791 KFC Crispy Strip Breader
01L1026 KFC Crispy Strip Breader
F76487 01L0943 KFC Crispy Strip Batter
01L1105 KFC Crispy Strip Batter
F76744 01L1016 MRB Breader
F79270 01L0992 KFC OR Sandwich Predust
01L1213 KFC OR Sandwich Predust

Recalling Firm: McCormick and Company, Sparks, MD, by fax and letter on February 25, 2002.
Manufacturer: McCormick and Company, Irving, TX. Firm initiated recall is complete.

The products were manufactured using flour that ADM Milling Co., Overland Park, KS recalled due to Salmonella contamination.

1,865,200 pounds.

Nationwide and Canada.

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