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September 27,2002

Recall Update: Mr. C's Pizza & Deli Mr. C's Deli brand rolls/buns/breads Recall Complete

(SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released the following information.

Mr. C's Deli brand rolls/buns/breads sold in multiple packages:
Undeclared whey and FD&C colors No. 5 and No. 6
a) Onion Rolls. Recall # F-786-2;
Undeclared whey.
b) Dinner Rolls. Recall # F-787-2;
c) Sausage Buns. Recall # F-788-2;
d) Super Sub Buns. Recall # F-789-2;
d) Italian Buns. Recall # F-790-2;
f) Hard Crust Italian. Recall # F-791-2;
g) Raw Dinner Rolls. Recall # F-792-2;
h) Raw Italian Bread. Recall # F-793-2;
i) Unsliced Italian Bread. Recall # F-794-2;
j) Sub Buns. Recall # F-795-2.
k) 12 inch Sub Buns. Recall # F-796-2;
l) Jumbo Buns. Recall # F-797-2;
m) Italian Bread. Recall # F-798-2;
n) American Bread. Recall # F-799-2.

Exp. 6/24, 6/25 and 6/26 (Products are coded with expiration date of two
days from the date of manufacture).

Mr. C's Pizza & Deli, Inc., Roseville, MI, by telephone on June 24, 2002.
FDA initiated recall is complete.

The products contained undeclared whey.
Product a) also contained undeclared FD&C colors No. 5 and No. 6.

Approx. 1000 packages.


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