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November 1, 2001

Purdue Pharma L.P. Recalls Various OxyContin Labels

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Stamford, CT  (SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that Purdue Pharma L.P. recalls various OxyContin labels.

This is the first public notice of this Class llI recall issued by the FDA.

Contamination- tablets contain particles of stainless steel and/or were manufactured with an unqualified excipient

The P.F. Laboratories, Inc., Totowa, NJ

Purdue Pharma L.P., Stamford, CT, via letter on September 12, 2001.


Nationwide and Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Central America, Mexico, Norway, and Peru

3,388,083 bottles of 100's and 257,797 blisters of 25 .

D-003-2, OxyContin, (oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release)
10 mg. Rx Only, Dist. by Purdue Pharma L.P., Norwalk, CT 06850,
in units of 25 and 100 tablets.

D-004-2, OxyContin, (oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release)
20 mg. Rx Only, Dist. by Purdue Pharma L.P., Norwalk, CT 06850,
in units of 25 and 100 tablets.

D-005-2, OxyContin, (oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release)
40 mg. Rx Only, Dist. by Purdue Pharma L.P., Norwalk, CT 06850,
in units of 25 and 100 tablets.

D-006-2, OxyContin, (oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release)
80 mg. Rx Only, Dist. by Purdue Pharma L.P., Norwalk, CT 06850,
in units of 25 and 100 tablets.

D-007-2, OxyContin, (oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release)
160 mg. Rx Only, Dist. by Purdue Pharma L.P., Norwalk, CT 06850,
Packaged in units of 25 and 100 tablets.

There are 388 batches of OxyContin, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160mg Tablets:
10 mg Tablets:
9L91, EXP 28-FEB-05
9M11, EXP 28-FEB-05
9M21, EXP 28-FEB-05
AE81, EXP 31-DEC-04
AE91, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF01, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF81, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF91, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG21, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH41, EXP 28-FEB-05
AH51, EXP 28-FEB-05
AH61, EXP 28-FEB-05
AJ61, EXP 31-JAN-05
AJ71, EXP 31-JAN-05
AJ81, EXP 31-JAN-05
AW81, EXP 31-JAN-05
AW91, EXP 31-JAN-05
AY01, EXP 28-FEB-05
AY11, EXP 28-FEB-05
AY21, EXP 28-FEB-05
AY31, EXP 28-FEB-05
AY41, EXP 28-FEB-05
AY51, EXP 28-FEB-05
AX01, EXP 31-JAN-05
AX04, EXP 31-JAN-05
2L61, EXP 30-NOV-03
2L71, EXP 31-DEC-03
2L81, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W11, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W21, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W31, EXP 31-DEC-03
2Y41, EXP 31-DEC-03
2Y61, EXP 31-DEC-03
2Y71, EXP 31-DEC-03
2Y81, EXP 31-DEC-03
3E51, EXP 31-DEC-03
3E61, EXP 31-JAN-04
CX51, EXP 30-APR-05
CX61, EXP 30-APR-05
WA431, EXP 30-APR-05
WA561, EXP 30-APR-05
WA571, EXP 30-APR-05
8G21, EXP 31-OCT-04
8S1N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8S2N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
8S9N1, EXP 30-SEP-04
8T0N1, EXP 30-SEP-04
8T1N1, EXP 30-SEP-04
8X31, EXP 31-OCT-04
8X41, EXP 31-OCT-04
8X51, EXP 31-OCT-04
8X91, EXP 30-SEP-04
8Y01, EXP 30-SEP-04
8Y11, EXP 30-SEP-04
9E41, EXP 31-OCT-04
9E51, EXP 31-OCT-04
9E61, EXP 31-OCT-04
9E71, EXP 30-NOV-04
9E81, EXP 30-NOV-04
9K1N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K3N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9P7N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9P8N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9P9N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9R4N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9R5N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S5N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S6N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S7N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9V4N7, EXP 30-NOV-04
9W2N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9E91, EXP 30-NOV-04
9R61, EXP 30-NOV-04
9R62, EXP 30-NOV-04

20mg Tablets:
9R21, EXP 30-NOV-04
9W01, EXP 30-NOV-04
AD62, EXP 31-DEC-04
AD71, EXP 31-DEC-04
AD81, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF11, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF21, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF31, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG81, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG91, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH01, EXP 31-DEC-04
AJ01, EXP 31-DEC-04
AJ11, EXP 31-DEC-04
AJ21, EXP 31-DEC-04
AK21, EXP 31-JAN-05
AK31, EXP 31-JAN-05
AK41, EXP 31-JAN-05
AW51, EXP 31-JAN-05
AW61, EXP 31-JAN-05
AW71, EXP 31-JAN-05
AX31, EXP 31-JAN-05
AX41, EXP 31-JAN-05
BB1N1, EXP 28-FEB-05
BB2N1, EXP 28-FEB-05
BB3N1, EXP 28-FEB-05
AX54, EXP 31-JAN-05
2L2N1, EXP 31-DEC-03
2L3N1, EXP 31-DEC-03
2L4N1, EXP 31-DEC-03
2M11, EXP 30-NOV-03
2M2N2, EXP 30-NOV-03
2M3N1, EXP 30-NOV-03
2M4N2, EXP 30-NOV-03
2M5N1, EXP 31-DEC-03
2T91, EXP 31-DEC-03
2V01, EXP 31-DEC-03
2V11, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W41, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W51, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W61, EXP 31-DEC-03
2X41, EXP 31-DEC-03
2X51, EXP 31-DEC-03
2X61, EXP 31-JAN-04
2X71, EXP 31-DEC-03
2X72, EXP 31-DEC-03
2X81, EXP 31-DEC-03
2X91, EXP 31-DEC-03
2Y01, EXP 31-JAN-04
2Y11, EXP 31-JAN-04
BX71, EXP 30-APR-05
BX81, EXP 30-APR-05
BX91, EXP 30-APR-05
CR61, EXP 31-MAR 05
CR71, EXP 31-MAR-05
CR81, EXP 31-MAR-05
CR91, EXP 30-APR-05
CS01, EXP 30-APR-05
CS11, EXP 30-APR-05
CY11, EXP 30-APR-05
CY21, EXP 30-APR-05
CY31, EXP 30-APR-05
CY41, EXP 30-APR-05
CY51, EXP 30-APR-05
CY61, EXP 30-APR-05
CY71, EXP 30-APR-05
CY81, EXP 30-APR-05
CY91, EXP 30-APR-05
WA401, EXP 30-APR-05
WA411, EXP 30-APR-05
8R1N1, EXP 31-0CT-04
8R2N1, EXP 31-0CT-04
8R3N1, EXP 31-0CT-04
8S31, EXP 31-OCT-04
8S41, EXP 31-OCT-04
8S51, EXP 31-OCT-04
8S61, EXP 31-OCT-04
8S71, EXP 30-NOV-04
8T21, EXP 30-SEP-04
8T31, EXP 30-SEP-04
8T41, EXP 30-SEP-04
8T51, EXP 30-SEP-04
8T61, EXP 30-SEP-04
8T7N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8T8N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
8T9N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
8X6N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
8X71, EXP 31-OCT-04
8X81, EXP 30-NOV-04
9C31, EXP 31-0CT-04
9C41, EXP 31-OCT-04
9C51, EXP 31-0CT-04
9C91, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D01, EXP 31-OCT-04
9J51, EXP 31-OCT-04
9J61, EXP 31-OCT-04
9J71, EXP 31-OCT-04
9J8N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9J9N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K0N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9L6N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9L7N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9L8N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9R0N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9R1N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S1N7, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S8N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S9N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T0N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T7N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T8N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T9N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9D11, EXP 31-OCT-04

40mg Tablets:
9L31, EXP 31-DEC-04
9V1N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9V2N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9V3N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9W11, EXP 31-DEC-04
AD91, EXP 31-DEC-04
AE01, EXP 31-DEC-04
AE11, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF41, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF51, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF61, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG51, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG61, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG71, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH11, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH21, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH31, EXP 31-DEC-04
AJ91, EXP 31-JAN-05
AX81, EXP 31-JAN-05
AX91, EXP 31-JAN-05
AY61, EXP 28-FEB-05
AY9N1, EXP 31-JAN-05
BA0N1, EXP 31-JAN-05
BA1N1, EXP 28-FEB-05
BA2N1, EXP 31-JAN-05
BA3N1, EXP 31-JAN-05
BA4N1, EXP 31-JAN-05
BD01, EXP 28-FEB-05
BD11, EXP 28-FEB-05
BD21, EXP 28-FEB-05
AK01, EXP 31-JAN-05
2M9N1, EXP 31-DEC-03
2V21, EXP 31-DEC-03
2V31, EXP 31-DEC-03
2V41, EXP 31-DEC-03
2V81, EXP 31-DEC-03
2V91, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W01, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W71, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W81, EXP 31-DEC-03
2W91, EXP 31-JAN-04
CS21, EXP 30-APR-05
CS31, EXP 30-APR-05
CS41, EXP 30-APR-05
CS51, EXP 30-APR-05
CS61, EXP 30-APR-05
CS71, EXP 30-APR-05
8V0N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8V1N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8V2N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8V41, EXP 30-SEP-04
8V51, EXP 30-SEP-04
8V61, EXP 30-SEP-04
8V91, EXP 30-SEP-04
8W01, EXP 30-SEP-04
8W1N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8W41, EXP 30-SEP-04
8W51, EXP 31-OCT-04
8W61, EXP 31-OCT-04
8W71, EXP 31-OCT-04
8W81, EXP 31-OCT-04
8W91, EXP 31-OCT-04
9C01, EXP 31-OCT-04
9C11, EXP 31-OCT-04
9C21, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D51, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D61, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D71, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D81, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D91, EXP 31-OCT-04
9E01, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K41, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K51, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K61, EXP 31-OCT-04
9L0N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9L11, EXP 31-OCT-04
9L21, EXP 31-OCT-04
9L4N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9L5N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9R7N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T1N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T2N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T3N5, EXP 30-NOV-04
AX71, EXP 31-JAN-05
9D52, EXP 31-OCT-04

80mg Tablets:
9T4N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T5N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9T6N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9V8N1, EXP 31-DEC-04
9V91, EXP 31-DEC-04
AE51, EXP 31-DEC-04
AE61, EXP 31-DEC-04
AE71, EXP 31-DEC-04
AF71, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG01, EXP 31-DEC-04
AG11, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH71, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH81, EXP 31-DEC-04
AH91, EXP 31-DEC-04
AJ31, EXP 31-DEC-04
AJ41, EXP 31-DEC-04
AJ51, EXP 31-JAN-05
AL11, EXP 31-JAN-05
AL21, EXP 31-JAN-05
AL31, EXP 31-JAN-05
AX61, EXP 28-FEB-05
BA51, EXP 28-FEB-05
BA61, EXP 28-FEB-05
BA71, EXP 28-FEB-05
BA81, EXP 28-FEB-05
AE52, EXP 31-DEC-04
2L5N1, EXP 31-DEC-02
2V61, EXP 31-DEC-02
2V71, EXP 31-DEC-02
2X01, EXP 31-DEC-02
2X11, EXP 31-JAN-03
2X21, EXP 31-JAN-03
CK81, EXP 31-MAR-05
CK91, EXP 31-MAR-05
CL01, EXP 31-MAR-05
CL11, EXP 30-APR-05
WA581, EXP 30-APR-05
WA591, EXP 30-APR-05
WA601, EXP 30-APR-05
8P8N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8P9N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8R0N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8V3N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
8V71, EXP 30-SEP-04
8V81, EXP 30-SEP-04
8W2N1, EXP 30-SEP-04
8W31, EXP 31-OCT-04
8X01, EXP 31-OCT-04
8X11, EXP 31-OCT-04
8X21, EXP 31-OCT-04
9C61, EXP 31-OCT-04
9C71, EXP 31-OCT-04
9C81, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D31, EXP 31-OCT-04
9D41, EXP 31-OCT-04
9E11, EXP 31-OCT-04
9E2N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9E3N1, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K71, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K81, EXP 31-OCT-04
9K91, EXP 31-OCT-04
9S2N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S3N1, EXP 30-NOV-04
9S4N1, EXP 30-NOV-04

160mg Tablets:
9R31, EXP 30-NOV-03
9V51, EXP 30-NOV-03
9V61, EXP 30-NOV-03
AG31, EXP 31-DEC-03
AG41, EXP 31-DEC-03
AX11, EXP 31-JAN-04
AX21, EXP 31-JAN-04
8S81, EXP 30-SEP-03
9D21, EXP 31-OCT-03.

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