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November 2002 Product Warnings

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Product Recalls
Food Recalls

Drugs and Medicine
Auto and Equipment

General Products
Tecumseh Products Has Recalled Power Equipment Engines   Nov 27
Good Lad Apparel Has Recalled Infant Girls' Garment and Shoes    Nov 27

Kolcraft Has Recalled Toy Attachments on Baby Walkers    Nov 21
Baby Trend Has Recalled Infant Swings Sold at Toys R Us   Nov 21
Disney Store Has Recalled Monsters, Inc. Character Plush Dolls  Nov 21

Target Has Recalled Men's Sweatshirts  Nov 19
Bear Archery Has Recalled Compound Bows   Nov 19
Halo Burger Has Recalled Flashlights and Batteries Sold in Kids Meals  Nov 15

Recall Update: Paradise Gold SUNSCREEN Recall Complete   Nov 15
Stihl Inc. Has Recalled Chain Saws   Nov 13
Damo Plus Corp. Has Recalled Children's School Supply Sets   Nov 12
Eveready Battery Co. Inc. Has Recalled Kidz Club Flashlights  Nov 12
Gen-X Sports Has Recalled Skateboard Ramp  Nov 07

Food Items
Virginia Firm Has Recalled Pork Products   Nov 29

Inter-American Products Has Recalled Country Club Cookies N' Cream Ice Cream    Nov 26
New York Firm Has Recalled Ground Beef Products    Nov 25
American Importing Has Recalled 16 oz. Packages of Orchard Reserve Dried Apricots    Nov 25
Swiss-American Has Recalled Danish Havarti  Nov 22
Puerto Rico Firm Has Recalled Pork Shoulder Products  Nov 21
New Jersey Firm Has Recalled Poultry Products  Nov 21

Pinnacle Foods Has Recalled Swanson Great Starts Egg, Cheese, & Bacon on a Biscuit   Nov 21
Thomas Diaz Has Recalled Fruzel assorted Natural Fruit Jelly   Nov 21

Recall Update: Mutual Trading preserved vegetable mix Recall Complete    Nov 21
Recall Update: Hong Young Suk J.C. Taste brand Apricots Recall Complete    Nov 21
Amport Foods Orchard Has Recalled Reserve Dried Apricots   Nov 21
Ashdon Farms Has Recalled Some Chocolate Covered Candy Products   Nov 20
Pennsylvania Firm Has Recalled Pork Products   Nov 19
Washington DC Store Has Recalled Ground Beef Products   Nov 18
Pennsylvania Firm Has Recalled Ground Beef Products  Nov 18

Rogue River Valley Creamery Has Recalled "Oregon Blue Cheese" Due to Possible Health Risk   Nov 15
Georgia Firm Has Recalled Ground Beef For Possible E. coli O157:H7   Nov 15
Recall Update: GOODY(TM) Nata Decoco Pudding Recall Complete   Nov 15
Recall Update: Lemon Cake Recall Complete   Nov 15
Recall Update: Lemon Coffee Cake Recall Complete   Nov 15
Recall Update: ABC brand Konjac Coconut Jelly Mini Fruit Bites Candy Recall Complete   Nov 15

Royal Seafood Baza Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Latvian Toffees "Skolenu"   Nov 12
Farr Candy Company Has Recalled "Black Walnut" Candy Bars   Nov 12

Sungarden Sprout Company Has Recalled Alfalfa Sprouts   Nov 12
Royal Seafood Market Has Recalled Iriss "Skolenu" (aka) Toffees   Nov 09
Nebraska Firm Has Recalled Ground Beef   Nov 07
California Firm Has Recalled Chicken Products   Nov 06
Recall Update: Horizon Merchandising Hall of Fame Brand Cool-Refreshing Mints Recall Complete   Nov 06
Recall Update: Hi-Point Industries Liquid Egg Whites Recall Complete   Nov 06
Recall Update: Gold Nut Corporation GOLD NOSH brand Dried Cantaloupe Recall Complete   Nov 06
Recall Update: Fresco World Recall Complete   Nov 06
Recall Update: Lien Hoa Food Recall Complete   Nov 06

Unilever Bestfoods Has Recalled Chicken Parmigiana & Penne   Nov 05
California Firm Has Recalled Chicken Tacos   Nov 04
New Jersey Firm Has Recalled Poultry Products   Nov 04

Vitamins, Drugs and Medicines
Astra Zeneca Has Recalled Rhinocort Nasal Inhaler   Nov 27
Kiel Laboratories Has Recalled R-Tanna S Pediatric Suspension and CP-Tannic Suspension   Nov 27

Teva Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Etodolac Extended-Release Tablets    Nov 27
First Horizon Pharmaceutical Has Recalled Robinul Forte Tablets    Nov 27

Qualis Has Recalled Pyrethrin Lice Treatment  Nov 21
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Premarin Tablets  Nov 21

Eli Lilly Has Recalled Cefuroxime  Nov 21
Great Southern Laboratories Has Recalled PRO-RED Syrup Antitussive, Nasal Decongestant, Antihistamine  Nov 21

Leiner Health Products Has Recalled Member's Mark ACETAMINOPHEN Caplets  Nov 15
Payless Wholesale Has Recalled Blood Glucose Test Strips   Nov 15

Fresenius Kabi Clayton Has Recalled Intralipid  Nov 15
King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Liqui-Char  Nov 15

Meridian Bioscience Has Recalled Premier HSV, an EIA Diagnostic Test Kit   Nov 15
International Specialty Products Has Recalled Plasdone K-29/32   Nov 06

Wyeth Nutritionals Has Recalled Powdered Infant Formula   Nov 04

Auto and Equipment
General Motors Has Recalled the 1994 Saturn Z   Nov 26
General Motors Has Recalled the 2003 Chevy Express and Savana   Nov 26

Ford Has Recalled the 1992 Crown Victoria, CVPI    Nov 26
Indian Has Recalled the 2001 Scout, Scout Centenial and Spirit Motorcycles   Nov 26
Nissan Has Recalled the 2001 Frontier and Xterra    Nov 26
Nissan Has Recalled the 2001 Frontier and Xterra    Nov 26

Nissan Has Recalled the 2002 Frontier and Xterra    Nov 26
Saab Has Recalled 55,000 Cars  Nov 22
Hercules Tire and Rubber Has Recalled the P23575R15 and Terra Trac Touring Tires   Nov 19
GM Has Recalled 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier -  Lumina APV -  Venture, Oldsmobile Silhouette, Pontiac Grand Prix -  Sunfire - Transport   Nov 15
Sears Has Recalled Response RST Touring 2000 Tires Nov 15
Michelin North America Has Recalled Phantom A/P Tires   Nov 15

Ford Motor Company Has Recalled the 2000 Ford Focus Nov  15
DaimlerChrysler Has Recalled Minivans  Nov 07
Ford Motor Has Recalled the 2000 and 2001 Ford Focus   Nov 04