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May 2002 Product Warnings

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Product Recalls
Food Recalls

Drugs and Medicine
Auto and Equipment

General Products
Cosco Has Recalled Safety 1st and Beatrix Potter Designer 22 Car Seats May 31
Spin Master Toys Has Recalled Firestormer and Skyblazer Toy Planes  May 24
Kolcraft Has Recalled Toy Steering Wheels Sold on Strollers   May 21

Rose Art Industries Has Recalled Cotton Candy Machines  May 21
Seismic Safety Products Has Recalled Gas Shut-Off Valves  May 16
E-filliate Has Recalled Extension Cords  May 16

Fitness Quest Has Recalled "Total Gym" Exercise Machines  May 16
Philips Electronics Has Recalled Speaker Power Adapters Sold with HP Computers  May 16
Milwaukee Tool Has Recalled Automotive Chargers  May 13
Rocky Mountain Bicycles Has Recalled Mountain Bicycles  May 9
Ryobi Technologies Has Recalled Hammer Drills   May 9

Eugenio Serafin Has Recalled Electric Showerhead Hot Water Heaters Sold in Puerto Rico  May 7
ECR International Has Recalled Gas Boilers
Xportation Safety Concepts Has Recalled the XSCi Pioneered? Rear Facing Child Seat
Prestige Toy Has Recalled Duckie Ring Rattle/Teethers

Food Items
Kemps Foods Has Recalled Vanilla Ice Cream  May 29
Coca-Cola Has Recalled Diet Coke  May 29
Standard Process Has Recalled SP Natural Peanut Butter Standard Bar  May 29
Recall Update: Rhee Brothers Hana Brand Japanese Cookies Recall is Complete May 29

Recall Update: Chiquita Processed Foods Wolfgang Puck's Chicken Parmesan and Vegetable Beef Hearty Soup and S&W Kidney Beans Premium Dark Red Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Vitasoy USA brand Vanilla Delite Soy Milk Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Lakeside Foods Pickled Beets Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Broadleaf Game Meats Lenah Game Meats of Tasmania brand Frozen Whole Opossum Recall is Complete May 29

Recall Update: Lulu's Desert Factory Desert brand CARAMEL FLAN Vanilla Flavored Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Luna Rossa Bakery Cholesterol Free (K) RAINBOW COOKIES Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Fatin Sweetland F. K. Sweetland brand Gummy Mellos Peach Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: U. C. Milk Company Goldenrod brand 50% Orange Juice Drink Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Reinecker's Bakery Reinecker's Cheese Cake Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Golden Chocolate International Raisin Pound Cake Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Quaker Oats Apple Cinnamon Quakes Crispy Mini Rice Snacks Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Green Cedar Dairy All Natural Ackawi Cheese Recall is Complete May 29

Dudek Foods Has Recalled Cabbage Soup and Certain Pierogis  May 28
New York Firm Has Recalled Franks and Bologna May 24

Renaissance Bakery Has Recalled "Apple Harvest" Bread May 23
Morey's Seafood International Has Recalled Morey's® Smoked Ciscoes Chubs   May 23

Michigan Firm Has Recalled Turkey Products   May 23
American Casein Company Recall Update  May 23

Dwight Miller & Son Orchards Vermont Farm Organic Sweet Cider Recall Update  May 23

Astor Products Chicken Gravy Mix and Thick & Zesty Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning Mix Recall Update  May 23
H.C. Brill Company Frozen Sugar Cookie Dough Recall Update  May 23
Chiz's Cougar Cave Various salad dressings Recall Update  May 23
ConAgra Dairy Fleischmann's Unsalted Margarine Recall Update  May 23
Kash N' Karry Supermarkets Chocolate Filled Croissants Recall Update  May 23
Flowers Bakeries Cobblestone Mill 8 Sandwich Rolls Recall Update  May 23

Cape May Foods La Monica Scungilli, Sliced Conch Recall Update  May 23

Patterson Frozen Foods Best Yet brand Stir Fry Vegetables with Noodles Recall Update   May 23
Polly-O brand Original Ricotta Cheese Recall Update   May 23
Dreyer's Edyís Grand Ice Cream Limited Edition Girl Scouts Samoas Cookie Recall Update  May 23
Michigan Store Has Recalled Ground Beef Products   May 21
Everlasting Distributors Has Recalled "ABC" Brand Mini Jelly Snack Cups  May 17
Ultra Slim-Fast brand with Soy Protein Recall Update  May 16
Badia Ground Oregano Recall Update  May 16
Dairy Fresh Banana Split Ice Cream  May 16
Kraft Foods Stella D'Oro Coffee Treats Anisette Toast Cookies Recall Update  May 16

Winn Dixie Stores Coconut, Guava, and Croissants Recall Update  May 16

Arnie's Bakery 12-inch Turtle Elegance Torte Recall Update  May 16
Colt Confection Recall Update  May 16
Sun Star Trading Has Recalled Uneviscerated Processed Fish  May 14
New Jersey Store Has Recalled Ground Beef  May 13
I. Kunik Company Has Recalled Susie brand cantaloupes  May 13

Moonstruck Chocolate Has Recalled Toffee Truffle  May 13
Cardonic Criollo brand Queso Blanco White Cheese Recall Update  May 10
Isabella's Sugar Free Muffins Toasted Almond Recall Update  May 10

Cosmos Food Imported sundried tomatoes Recall Update  May 10

Fairfield Farm RED BARN Orange Pineapple Yogurt Cake Mix Recall Update  May 10
Quaker Oats Has Recalled Strawberry Gatorade Ice Thirst Quencher   May 10
South Carolina Firm Has Recalled Pork  May 9

C.A. First (NY) Trading Has Recalled Round White Sesame Crackers  May 8
Run-A-Ton Group Has Recalled all two-crust "Wholly Healthy" pies  May 3

Balducci's Has Recalled Golden Raisins  May 3
Iowa Firm Recalls Chicken Product  May 3
Albertsonís brand A+ Natural Spring Water Recall Update
Rod Loomis Sales Candy Recall Update
Toft's Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream Cake Recall Update
Arkansas Firm Has Recalled Chili Tortilla Product

Vitamins, Drugs and Medicines
Equine Miracle Corp. Has Recalled Miracle Leg Paint Veterinary Drug  May 31
Ortho-Mcneil Pharmaceutical Has Recalled Ortho Micronor Oral Contraceptive  May 29
Vintage Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Q-Bid DM  May 29

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Drugs  May 29
Pharmacia Corp Has Recalled Various Drugs  May 29

3M Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled MAXAIR Inhaler   May 29
Recall Update: Sonar Products Ointment and Gel Recall is Complete May 29
Recall Update: Jafra Cosmetics International Recall Royal Jelly Milk Balm Moisture Lotion is Complete May 29

B. Braun Medical Has Recalled FreAmine III (Amino Acid) May 23
Hoffmann La Roche Has Recalled VERSED Syrup (midazolam HCl) CIV  May 23
Ecolab Medical products Recall Update  May 23
Mead Johnson Nutritionals Portagen iron fortified nutritionally complete powder Recall Update   May 23
Pfizer Has Recalled Diflucan (Fluconazole) Injection May 16
Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Mivacron and Nimbex Injection May 16

Glaxo SB Pharmco Has Recalled Bactroban Ointment May 16
ETHEX Corp Has Recalled Pangestyme Capsules  May 16

Purepac Pharmaceuticals Lovastatin Tablets Recall Update
Integrity Pharmaceutical Has Recalled Urimax tablets
Alpharma USPD Has Recalled Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution
NCS HealthCare of KY; d.b.a. Vangard Labs Has Recalled Ranitidine Tablets

International Medical Research Has Recalled PC SPES, Prostate Formula

Auto and Equipment
Ford Motor Company Has Recalled 2000-2001 Ford Windstar  May 31
Ford Motor Company Has Recalled Ford F250-F550 Trucks  May 31

Southeast Toyota Distributors Have Recalled The 2001 Toyota Sequoia May 21
Polaris Has Recalled Various 2002 Victory Models  May 21

Nissan Has Recalled 1994 D21 Light Duty Pickups  May 21
Maserati Has Recalled the 2002 Maserati Coupe and Sedan  May 21
Lufkin Has Recalled Van Trailers  May 21
Kawasaki Motors Has Recalled 2002 Kawasaki VN1500-P1  May 21
Jayco Has Recalled Sport Utility Trailers  May 21
Indian Motorcycle Has Recalled The 1999 Indian Chief   May 21
Daewoo Motors Has Recalled The 1998 Daewoo Lanos   May 21

Honda Motor Company Has Recalled the 2000 Acura 3.5RL   May 21
General Motors Has Recalled Trailblazer, Envoy, and Bravada  May 7
General Motors Corporation Has Recalled the 2002 Saturn S Series
DaimlerChrysler Corporation Has Recalled the 2001 Dodge Ram