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Auto Related Recalls
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Currently we only database AUTO recalls which were issued during 1998 or later.  If you have a question regarding an older vehichle you should visit the NHTSA web site here.

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Land Rover


Jaguar  Recall top
Jaguar Recalls Certain 2000-2001 S-Type Models

Jaguar XJV8 and XK8 Year: 1998-1999

Jaguar XJ12 Year: 1994

Jaguar XK8, XJ Year:1998

Kawasaki  Recall top
Kawasaki Motors Has Recalled 2002 Kawasaki VN1500-P1  May 21

Kawasaki Motors Has Recalled 2001 ZX1200-A1 and A2

Kawasaki Motors Corporation Recalls ZRX1200-A

2001 Kawasaki BN 125-A4 Motorcycles Recalled

Kawasaki Recalls Model Year 2000 ZX1200-A1 Ninja and ZX1200-A1L Ninja Motorcycles

Kawasaki Motocross Competition Motorcycles Recalled

1999-2000 Kawasaki Ninjas Recalled

1999 Kawasaki Vulcan and 1500 motorcycles Recalled

Kawasaki VN1500 Drifter Year: 1999

Kawasaki Vulcan Years: 1997

Kia  Recall top
Kia Has Recalled the 1995 Kia Sephia  Sep 3

Kia Has Recalled the 1998 KIA Sephia Aug  6

KIA Motor America Has Recalled 2001 KIA Optima

2001 Kia Optima Recalled

1998-1999 Kia Sephia

1997-1999 Kia Sportage SUVs Recalled

1997-1999 Kia Sportage

Kia Motors 1998 and 1999 Sephia Compact Sedans

Kia Recalls 90,000 Sephia Sedans

1996-1997 Kia Sephia

Kia Sportage Years: 1998-1999

Kia Sportage Years: 1996-1997

Lamborghini  Recall top
Lamborghini Has Recalled the 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Diablo Years: 1997-1998

Lamborghini Diablo Year: 1996-1997

Land Rover  Recall top
Land Rover Has Recalled 1999-2001 Discovery II

Land Rover Has Recalled 1999-2002 Discovery II

1999 Land Rover Range Rover Recalled

1999-2000 Land Rover Discovery II Automobiles Recalled

1999-2000 Land Rover Discovery II

1999 Land Rover Petrol's Recalled

1999 Land Rover Discovery

Range Rover Years: 1995-1999

Range Rover Years: 1995-1998

Land Rover Range Rover Years: 1995

Land RoverDiscovery Years: 1994-1998

Lotus  Recall top
Lotus Cars of America Has Recalled the 1991 Lotus Elan  July 30

Lotus Esprit Years: 1997-1998

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