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Auto Related Recalls
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Currently we only database AUTO recalls which were issued during 1998 or later.  If you have a question regarding an older vehichle you should visit the NHTSA web site here.

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Misc Equipment

Tires / Wheels  Recall top
Continental Has Recalled Tires   Aug  27

Cooper Tire Has Recalled the Cooper P20570R15   Aug   20

Continental Tire Has Recalled Tires   Aug  19

GoodYear Tire Has Recalled Kelly Springfield Tires

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co Has Recalled Discovery H/T Tires

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co Has Recalled Discovery A/T Tires


Michelin Recalls Tires

Additional Firestone Wilderness AT Tires Have a Safety Defect

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company Recalls Fourteen Tire Models

Cooper Recalls Certain Motorcycle Tires

Firestone Announces Voluntary Safety Recall Of P205/55R16 Firehawk GTA-02 Tires

Firestone Recalls Limited Number Of P265/70R16 Wilderness LE Tires

Bridgestone/Firestone Recalls Millions of Potentially Dangerous Tires

Continental P185/70R14 Tires Recalled

Continental General 295/75R225 Tires

Falken Tire Corp. LT245/75R16 Tires

Cooper Cobra Radial G/T P215/70R14

Pennzoil-Quaker State Fix-A-Flat Tire Inflator Products

Cooper Tire-  Trendsetter SE, Mastercraft, Hercules

Alcoa LTS, Alcoa Classic aluminum light truck wheels

Cooper Trendsetter SE, Mastercraft A/S IV, Hercules MRX Plus IV Tires

Hollywood HR300, HR310, HR320, HR400, HR410, HR420, HR520

American Racing Wheels Model 500

AccuForge 22.5x8.25 Aftermarket aluminum dual wheels Years: 1998

Kelly Tires P20570R14, P20570R15

Cooper Tires Lifeliner Grand Classic STE, Mastercraft Mark VII

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Brands: P215/70R14

Mechanical  Recall top
Arvinmentor Has Recalled Ball Socket  Aug  27

CRC Industries Has Recalled Auto Pride Brake Parts Cleaner  Aug  23

AmSafe Commercial Has Recalled the AmSafe Seat Belt   Aug  23

Amsafe Has Recalled Seat Belts  June 25

Jayco Has Recalled Sport Utility Trailers  May 21

Auto Meter Has Recalled Fuel Pressure Gauge and Sending Units

Interamerican Motor Corp. Has Recalled Their Replacement Ball Joints for Steering or Suspension Systems

Worldpac Has Recalled Their Replacement Ball Joints for Steering or Suspension Systems

Purolator Products Has Recalled Fuel Filters

Ferrari North America Has Recalled Oil Filters

Baldwin Fuel Filters and Hastings Fuel Filters Recalled

Baldwin and Hastings Diesel Fuel Filters Recalled

Aftermarket Brake Hoses on '94-'98 SVT Mustang Cobras

Precision Engineering Precision RAS 200

Brake Parts Inc. Aftermarket brake master cylinders

Aftermarket Disc Brake Pads Used in Select Ford and Mazda Vehicles

IMT Brake Spider

Advanced Fuel Components, Inc. AFC 211, AFC 211A
Moog Ball Joint

Moog Idler Arm

Harley-Davidson Part 52805-97

Wedgewood Range Years: 1996-1998

Webb Wheel Brake Drums

Aimco 5488, 5447, 65065, 65410 Brake rotors Years: 1998

Aqua Hot Model 411, 431

Dana Axle Assembly Years: 1998

Midland Brake Actuator

Wells Headlight beam control dimmer switches UDS418, UDS419

Rockwell ECU Antilock Braking System

Dexter Axle Co. D20, D28, D35 Axles

Auto Misc  Recall top
Lift-U has Recalled their Wheelchair Lift   Aug  27

Mullins Has Recalled Steering Gear Box  June 25

Lufkin Has Recalled Van Trailers  May 21

Nexl Sports Has Recalled Motorcycle Helmets

Vehicle Systems Has Recalled a Fuel Pump

NEXL Has Recalled Motorcycle Helmet Beanies

CRC Industries Has Recalled Auto Pride Brake Parts Cleaner and Auto Pride Engine Degreaser


Grand Hall Propane Regulators used for Camping Trailers Recalled

Penray Starting Fluid Recalled

Reese Trailer Hitches Recalled

Aqua Mist Windshield Washer Fluid Recalled

Lift-U Wheelchair Lifts Recalled

Norcold, Inc. Gas/Electric Refrigerators

Pennzoil-Quaker State Axius 6" Deluxe Fans

Castrol Air Conditioning Recharge Kits

Emergency Fuel Co "Spare Tank"

GMC Door Latch Assemblies

Honda Accessory Driver-Side Floor Mats

Toyota Towing Hitch Kit and Toyota Trailer Harness

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Race Brace Supports

Isringhausen Driver Seats, Models 6800338 and 6800348
Audiovox Theft Deterrent System

Harley-Davidson Horn Cover

Ford Air Bag Switch

Chrysler Running board kits

Reese Trailer Hitch

Reynolds R285, R286 aftermarket luggage racks

Auto Command remote car starters

Porsche Child Seating System Air Bag Deactivation Kit

Philip Morris and Cyrk Key Chains

Paragon Racing Products Ground Effects Tire Traction Compound

Schumacher Sears Battery Chargers

Petroleum Packers Inc.  XCEL Windshield Washer Fluid

Collins International, Eagle Hardware & Garden Announce Ratchet Tie-Downs

Marshall Gas Controls, Gas Regulator

Turtle Wax Automotive Protectant Products

Manchester LPG cylinder

Watsco RVRBT Watsco RVRD-1T

GNB Technologies Battery

Harley-Davidson half helmets: Flame, Americana, Stinger Graphics

SIMONIZ Quick Gloss

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Recall top

News & Alerts

CPSC Warns: Millions of Americans Have Smoke Alarms that Don't Work

FDA Issues Cyber Letter to Yellow Jackets Promoter

Indiana Firm Has Recalled Ham

Crown Victoria Investigation

October is Children's Health Month: CPSC Chairman Safety-Checks His Own Home

CPSC Urges Seasonal Heating Systems Inspections to Prevent CO Deaths

Health Professional:


Important Drug Warning Including Black Box Information

Health Scout News.
Protein Can Pinpoint Heart Failure
Levels of peptide reveal cause of severe shortness of breath

Hepatitis B Virus Linked to Liver Cancer
Active infection ups risk of disease 60-fold

Gene Protects Against Heart Disease
Could lead to screening tests to identify those at risk

One More Reason to Slim Down
Obesity in younger women doubles risk of colorectal cancer, study finds

'Date Rape' Drug Approved to Treat Narcolepsy
FDA imposes strict control on its use


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