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What We Do
SafetyAlerts™ is the Internet's premier location for issues regarding food contamination alerts and faulty product warnings. If it doesn't say SafetyAlerts™ on it - it isn't complete!  Think about that.  As a SAFEMAIL subscriber once ably said - ..."what good is taking a faulty toy away from your child if you are going to turn around and inadvertently feed him - or yourself - something contaminated with Listeria, Salmonella or E. coli?"

There are no costs. Our free service - SafeMail™ has been called "a must for family safety" - "a no brainer" - "something anyone with a computer should have" - "by far the most useful newsletter I receive" - "a true public service".  We could go on.

This site has been featured on CNN, CNNfn, many NBC affiliates, numerous radio shows, ezines and chat areas.  Through our various syndication's - this web site - and our SafeMail newsletter - SafetyAlerts™ news reaches well into the millions every month.

We provide recent, comprehensive, and up to date safety alerts conveniently via email, all you have to do is sign up.  Keeping contaminated food out of your freezer, and dangerous toys out of your children's hands is what the SAFEMAIL™ letter is all about.  It is simple to sign up, it's free, and it can save your life.

Don't take this lightly!
The Listeria outbreak of December '98 caused 21 deaths, 7 miscarriages/ stillbirths, and hundreds of serious illnesses.  You have probably heard about that recall.  You also probably heard of the Pokemon(R) ball recalled by Burger King in December '99 - did you know the same day the Pokemon ball was recalled (December 28, 1999)- 29 foods and 8 medicines were also recalled - THE SAME DAY! The big ones always get the media.  It really is no wonder to us that the Centers for Disease Control reported in September '99 that nearly 80 million people per year are sickened by food poisoning in the U.S., and another 9,000 die.   No wonder at all - we see all the recalls that you haven't been!

Stay Informed.     It's simple.     It's FREE.     It's smart.

Visit the Recent Alerts page(our Homepage) - we are certain that you will be surprised by how many products are recalled for safety reasons.  SafetyAlerts maintains 16 separate categories of safety related topics currently containing thousands of recalls and alerts.  Our goal is to provide you a comprehensive 'one place to go' for this type of information.

In 1999 over 900 product recalls were issued in the U.S. for safety reasons.

Visit the different categories and see how many of these recalls you recognize.  It used to surprise us how infrequently these stories were carried in the media - now we know why, the volume of them. TV and radio stations would be broadcasting this information practically everyday, and as important as this information can be, there are frequently more important issues to be covered via traditional media.  What you don't know can hurt you and your family.

Stay informed of these important life threatening issues with the SAFEMAIL™ newsletter, all you need to do is register.

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