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November 10, 1999

LifeStyle MV2 Contact Lenses Recalled Because of Undeclared Allergen

Morganville, NJ (SafetyAlerts) - The LifeStyle Company today announced the recall of some of their "LifeStyle MV2" contact lenses because the label does not declare the preservative of scorbic acid.

Scorbic acid is a common preservative used in contact lenses which could cause eye irritation in individuals who are allergic or have a sensitivity to the additive.

According to Michael O'Brian, a spokesperson for the company, the recalled lenses were purchased from an outside manufacturer who included the scorbic acid without the knowledge of The LifeStyle Company.

"The LifeStyle MV2 does not normally include scorbic acid and new lenses will not contain this substance," O'Brian said.

The recalled MV2 lenses were distributed worldwide in blister packages to eye care professionals.  There are no markings that consumers can use to identify the product.

Consumers with a allergy to scorbic acid should call there eye care professional to see if their contact lenses have been recalled.

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