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February 28,  2002

Dansk Has Recalled Ice Cream Scoops

White Plains, NY (SafetyAlerts) - Dansk International Designs Ltd has recalled about 190,000 ice cream scoops. A cap at the end of the handle of the scoop can fly off with substantial force, especially if the scoop is immersed in hot water. The metal cap poses a risk of impact injury to nearby consumers.

Dansk has received 10 reports of the caps on these scoops flying off, sometimes traveling several feet. No injuries have been reported.

All the recalled Dansk ice cream scoops are made of aluminum and have a 4.5-inch handle. They were sold in four styles: the plain 3.5- inch spade, the plain 2.5-inch scoop, the Penguin-shaped 2.5-inch scoop and the Snowman-shaped 2.5-inch scoop. Each of the scoops is silver colored. The plain scoop and plain spade have the word "DANSK" written on the handle. Ice cream scoops sold by Dansk with a black cap at the end of the handle are not part of this recall.

Dansk Factory Outlet Stores and Lenox Warehouse Clearance Centers nationwide sold these ice cream scoops between January 1988 and November 2001 for about $9.

Consumers should stop using these ice cream scoops immediately, and return them to any Dansk or Lenox Factory Outlet store for a $20 coupon. For more information, consumers should call Dansk toll-free at (866) 855-9303 between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Editor's Note: If the toll-free 866 number is not operational in your area, consumers can use the Dansk Customer Service number, (800) 293-2675 to reach the company.

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