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May 10, 2000

Certain Intel Memory Chips may Cause System Hangs or Reboots

Atlanta, GA (SafetyAlerts) - Intel has announced that they will be replacing some memory translator hubs (MTH) in some system boards.   The MTH may be affected by system noise and may cause intermittent system reboots or system hangs during operation.

This problem may result in lost or corrupted data.  Intel has placed the MTH component and an Intel motherboard that uses the part on shipment hold.

Intel ,  The MTH is a component that enables SDRAM and  was introduced in November 1999. The MTH component is used on some boards and in some systems using the Intel® 820 Chipset, including the Intel® CC820 Desktop Board Family with SDRAM. This issue does not impact boards or systems using the Intel 820 Chipset with RDRAM* memory.

Intel has stated that the problem is intermittent and has only been observed on some, not all, boards that have an MTH component.   Intel has adjusted the design of the MTH component to address this issue by improving the noise immunity of the part. Intel will do testing and validation with this new version of the MTH component.

Computer users who want to know if their board/system uses an MTH component can contact their computer maker for more information, or they can download the Intel® MTH ID Utility to determine if they have a board/system containing the MTH component.

Notice of this product warning was sent via email to SafeMail subscribers May 10, 2000.

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