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January 3, 2000

Cisco Systems Recalls Some WS-X5012 10BT Desktop Switched Ethernet Cards

San Jose, CA (SafetyAlerts) - Cisco Systems, a worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, is recalling certain WS-X5012 10BT Desktop Switched Ethernet cards because of internal shorting of the printed circuit board assembly.

According to Cisco, there is no advance warning of the failure. The short will cause the power supplies to go into over-current shutdown, cutting off power to the system. In a very small number of cases, shorting has occurred, causing smoke, but no fire or sparks.  Cisco states that these products were manufactured in accordance with and in compliance with the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., which provide for protection in the event of shorting.

Following WS-X5012 cards may be affected by this recall:

10BT Desktop Switched Ethernet, 48 ports, Telco
10BT Desktop Switched Ethernet, 48 ports, Telco (spare)
10BT Desktop Switched Ethernet 3 Pack of WS-X5012, 3x48 ports, Telco
10BT Desktop Switched Ethernet 3 Pack of WS-X5012, 3x48 ports, Telco (spare)

The following serial number ranges are affected by this field notice:

9194340 - 9194344
9209350 - 9209999
9210000 - 9214338
9301601 - 9302230
9880340 - 9883950
10120340 - 10125399
10172043 - 10175339
10290340 - 10295339
10510340 - 10515339

Only those WS-X5012 cards with one of the above serial numbers are affected.  Consumers who have one of the recalled cards can find information on obtaining software upgrades or replacement parts on the Cisco Systems website.

Consumers with questions should contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at (800) 553-24HR, (408) 526-7209, or send e-mail to

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