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NHTSA 80-98
September, 1998 Contact: Tim Hurd

Tel. No. (202) 366-9550

American Honda Motor Company

Models: Honda Accord Years: 1995-1997

Number Involved: 967,771

Dates of Manufacture: April 1994 - May 1997

Defect: On certain sedan, coupe and wagon model vehicles (not including the DX model and models with V6 engines), the factory installed air-conditioner wire harness was improperly routed, allowing some wires to rub against each other, which eventually can cause a short circuit. The short circuit can cause the underhood wiring to overheat and smoke, and possibly lead to a fire in the engine compartment. A short circuit could also result in a blown fuse or dead battery

Remedy: Dealers will inspect the vehicles to assure proper routing of these wires. Any harness improperly routed will be inspected for damage and the routing will be corrected. If any insulation is worn through and the copper wires are exposed, the harness will be replaced. Dealers will also install plastic tubing to protect the harness. Owner notification began Oct. 8, 1998. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Honda at 1-800-999-1009. [NHTSA Recall No.98V231]

NHTSA said manufacturers are required to mail a recall notice to all purchasers, owners and dealers when a safety defect or noncompliance with Federal safety standards is found. The agency urges owners to wait until they receive notification from the manufacturer before contacting their dealers to schedule the repair work. Not all vehicles of a particular make and model may be subject to the recall.