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Ford Motor Company- Aerostar Minivan Recall

Ford Motor Company
from a press release

Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer,   Ford Ranger, Mustang Years: 1998-1999
Super Duty F-Series, Chassis-Cab  Years: 1999

Chassis-cabs are commonly used for motor homes and commercial vehicles.

Number Involved: Approximately 945,000
Defect: Potentially defective cruise-control cables that could cause the accelerator to stick.  When the cruise control is off,  the vehicle is not affected

Remedy: Ford is obtaining new cruise-control cables to replace the defective ones but does not expect to have them in stock before mid-May. Ford is warning owners not to use their cruise-control system, Dealers  will disable the system at no charge, if requested.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by mail  Customers also can call Ford's customer relations number, 800-392-3673 or obtain information at the Ford Motor Company's new web page  to find out if their vehicle is subject to the recall; callers will be asked for the vehicle identification number, which can typically be found on the registration, insurance certificate or the door pillar. [Ford Recall Number 99S09]

NHTSA said manufacturers are required to mail a recall notice to all purchasers, owners and dealers when a safety defect or noncompliance with federal safety standards is found. The agency urges owners to wait until they receive notification from the manufacturer before contacting their dealers to schedule the repair work. Not all vehicles of a particular make and model may be subject to the recall.