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July  7, 1999
Contact: Tim Hurd
Tel. No. (202) 366-9550

Saab Cars USA, Inc.

Models: Saab 9000 Years: 1992-1994

Number Involved: 26,116
Dates of Manufacture: June 1991 - July 1994
Defect: Moisture can enter the inflatable restraint electronic control module (ECM) and cause corrosion on portions of the ECM printer circuit boards. This corrosion can possibly create open connections in circuits which control the restraint deployment, possibly causing inadvertent air bag deployment.
Remedy: Dealers will inspect the exterior of the ECM. If there is no indication of moisture, a cover will be installed over the ECM. If there is indication of moisture, the dealer will replace the ECM and install a cover over the new ECM. Owner notification is expected to begin during late-June 1999. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Saab at 1-800-955-9007.

[NHTSA Recall No. 99V109/Saab Recall No. 708]