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July  7, 1999
Contact: Tim Hurd
Tel. No. (202) 366-9550

Buell Motorcycle Company

Buell S1 Lightning Years: 1996-1998
Buell S1 White Lightning Year: 1998
Buell M2 Cyclone Years: 1997-1999
Buell S2 Thunderbolt Years: 1995-1996
Buell S2T Year: 1996
Buell S3 Thunderbolt Years: 1997-1999
Buell S3T Thunderbolt Years: 1997-1998
Buell X1 Lightning Year: 1999

Number Involved: 12,321
Dates of Manufacture: February 1994 - April 1999
Defect: These motorcycles were built with a fuel tank vent valve assembly that could become plugged. Under certain conditions, this could cause the carburetor to overflow fuel, which could result in a fire. This condition could also prevent sufficient fuel flow, which could cause the engine to misfire or stall.
Remedy: Dealers will replace the fuel tank vent valve assembly. Owner notification was expected to begin during June 1999. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Buell at 1-414-343-8400.

[NHTSA Recall No. 99V105/Buell Recall No. 0815]