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January 10,  2002

Scientific American's Summit on Privacy, Security & Safety: Preserving an Open Society in an Age of Terrorism

Reflects New Framework of Post-9/11 Realities, Challenges of Homeland Defense

 (SafetyAlerts) - The war on terrorism is causing the United States and the rest of the world to undertake a profound reassessment of the challenges involved in balancing the freedoms of an open society and public safety. This forum ( will be the first to examine from a strategic perspective the impact of the war against terror -- biological, cyber ("digital Pearl Harbor") and nuclear threat -- on both the public and private sectors.

From the perspectives of technology, policy, and business, the two-day forum will focus on the necessary measures to ensure transaction security, infrastructure security and asset protection, as well as the emerging technologies that enhance both privacy and cybersecurity.

For information about sponsorship or attendance, contact: Sharon Curry, 877-E-SUMMIT, 914-245-7764 or

The Issues at Stake
* Recent events have redefined the relationship between government and private enterprise in ensuring homeland security. What measures must be taken to protect society against nuclear and biological warfare?
* How do we protect critical infrastructure? What does this means when much of the cyberworld is in private hands?
* The U.S. is dealing with what is perhaps the gravest threat, that of nuclear terrorism. What more needs to be done -- here and abroad -- to reduce this treat?
* Is there a danger that new policies will pose threats to civil liberties? How will safety and civil liberties counterbalance one another?
* What will the impact be on business of antiterrorism legislation, i.e., the Patriot Act?

Summit Highlights

The Scientific American Summit includes a unique depth of expertise on the challenges posed by bioterrorism and cyberterrorism as well as other major safety issues.

Confirmed speakers include:
Zoe Baird, The Markle Foundation Senator Robert Bennett Tim Berners-Lee, W3C, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Charles B. Curts, Nuclear Threat Initiative Ruth David, ANSER Institute for Homeland Security Morton Halperin, Council for Foreign Relations Richard Hirshon, American Bar Association Richard Kaslow, MD, American College of Epidemiology Steven Levy, Newsweek Adel A. F. Mahmoud, MD, PhD, Merck & Co. Judith Miller, New York Times Donald Palmisano, MD, JD, American Medical Association James Steinberg, Brookings Institution Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Technology and Strategy, IBM R. James Woolsey, Shea & Gardner LLP, Former Director of the CIA

Sessions will explore:
* Privacy, CyberSecurity and Safety in Business
* Trust but Verify: Vulnerabilities & Solutions in Financial Services
* The New Ground Rules: A Global Perspective
* Individual Privacy & Personal Safety: Reconciling Competing Human Values
* Bioterrorism: Looking Back on Dark Winter
* Tracking Terror: Biosurveillance & Medical Privacy
* Meeting the Clear and Present Danger: Critical Infrastructure Protection and Technology
* It's Not Just about the Technology: The Role of Emerging Technologies in Homeland Defense

Panelists include:
* Policy and government leaders on U.S. policy, the regulatory environment and global issues
* Key privacy and security experts from leading banking and financial institutions
* Leaders from think tanks, health care, biotech, e-health organizations, academia and medicine
* Top executives from leading technology and security corporations
* Partners and directors from legal firms who specialize in issues of privacy and security
* Privacy advocates and consultants
* Global regulators and multinational executives from Australia, Canada,Germany and the U.K.

Source: PRNewswire.

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