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April 30,  2002

Raven Moon's 'Mr. Bicycle Man' Public Service Announcement Receives Endorsement From the National Safety Council

(SafetyAlerts) - Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc.  announced today that its "Mr. Bicycle Man" Public Service Announcement (PSA) has received an endorsement from the National Safety Council. The endorsement from the National Safety Council will open "Gina D's Kids Club" and "Mr. Bicycle Man" to over 200 network stations nationwide currently covered by the National Safety Council, and major national sponsors who support Public Service Announcements (PSA).

The National Safety Council (NSC) and its chapters around the country have designated June 2002 as National Safety Month, an annual observance aimed at increasing public awareness of the dangers Americans face each day on the highways, in homes and communities, and in the workplace. Liberty Mutual is a major sponsor for National Safety Month.

"Through advances in public awareness, including new technology and more stringent safety and health laws, a safer environment exists today for Americans," said NSC President Alan C. McMillan, "yet deaths from unintentional injuries continue to plague the nation." According to the NSC's publication Injury Facts 2001, unintentional injury deaths totaled 97,300. Motor vehicle crashes caused 43,000 deaths, 29,500 people died in the home, 22,000 were killed in public places, and 5,200 deaths occurred in the workplace.

Bicycling led with 764,251 reported injuries, of which 414,739 were musculoskeletal type injuries. The total cost of bicycle injuries was $13.2 billion, of which $6 billion was for musculoskeletal injuries. Billions of dollars are being spent for children's bicycle injuries that might be prevented.

Wearing a helmet sharply reduces the risk of a potentially devastating head injury. Yet, only 1 child in 5 wears a helmet. Parents are not encouraging the wearing of helmets at a very young age, when kids are first riding their "big wheels", tricycles and scooters. "Simply put, 'Mr. Bicycle Man's' simple message for kids, wear your helmet, 'Watch Out for Danger, and Don't Talk to Strangers' saves lives, and saves money" commented Joey DiFrancesco Raven Moon CEO.

The "Mr. Bicycle Man" PSA is be added to stations all across the country. The National Safety Council Endorsement is an important marketing tool for the "Gina D's Kids Club" Home Video distributors and sales people as they begin to target the major retailers across the nation. "Mr. Bicycle Man" is included in the new "Gina D's Kids Club" Home Video, the "Gina D's Kids Club" Music CD Vol. 1, and the "Young America" CD single.

To order your "Gina D's Kids Club" Home Video, the "Gina D's Kids Club" Music CD, and "Young America" CD single call 1-866-GINA-DEE or 1-866-446-2333. For investor information call 1-866-THE-APPLE or 1-866-843-2775.

Source: PRNewswire

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