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February 4,  2002

SafetyAlerts Registrant Warning: Pricing Labels


 (SafetyAlerts) - SafetyAlerts has received a Safety Warning from one of our registrants who feels we should remind all of our registrants about this issue.

"Hi there -

Both my spouse and I are counting are lucky stars today. Last night we had a little excitement at our home, and not the good kind.

I had finished feeding my son N___ dinner, (he 13 months old) and noticed while playing he would gag every few minutes. I also noticed when he sat quietly the bottom part of his lip and part of his chin would discolor, to purple, sometimes a bluish tone.

I picked him up of course, and he laughed and he pinked back up. My husband came home about then, and I shared with him what was going on. We tried to give my son some water, thinking it was a cracker and he kept gagging, and coughing. We looked in his mouth and couldn't see anything. Nothing. I couldn't think of anything he had placed in his mouth.

Every time he shut his mouth his chin and bottom lip would discolor. I was getting scared, and about ready to call 911, when my husband said to get him a flash light, and the Tylenol.

I brought him what he asked for, and he said pretend you are going to give him Tylenol, (he loves Tylenol -- cherry flavor ) -- so I did, and he opened his mouth up wide, and my husband shined the flashlight in and could see copious amounts of mucus at the roof of his mouth.

My husband quickly swept the top of his mouth and pulled out a perfectly round soft plastic flimsy disk. my son gave two coughs, coughed up more mucus, and then pinked up totally, and started yelling for food.

I burst into tears of course, and felt like a horrible mother.

I checked everywhere, looking where these discs could have come from, and much to my horror, they are ON EVERYTHING. I am not even sure the proper name for them. I spoke to my mom this morning, and she said they are "markers" or "identifiers"

I had given my son an empty cookie tin. He loves to bang on it with spoons. It makes noise. On the bottom of this tin is where this disc came from. It clings with static electricity, and it covers the price with a clear laminate. My son is pretty dexterous, so he just peeled it off, and popped it into his mouth. They are practically invisible.

They were on the back of some of his children's books, again protecting the price. They come on towels, and shirts, on shirts they have "S" "M" or "L" --they are on DVD's they are just everywhere. I have pulled off 10 so far.

Is there a place where we can write as parents so this can be looked into? I also tried to vacuum them up, and they don't vacuum they stick to everything. The size is perfect for choking.

I am just so glad my son is okay, and here I thought I kept a close enough eye on him. Goes to show you they are faster than we are."



eds. SafetyAlerts recognizes the severity of choking incidents that can be caused by this type of pricing label and urges all of our registrants to inspect their recently purchased items. In a follow-up interview our registrant stated that she found additional labels on a variety of products. She said that they were purchased from major retail stores.

Source: SafetyAlerts.

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