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September 24, 2001

First Aid Tips and Emergency Numbers Are Offered In CFH's Free Babysitter Center

 (SafetyAlerts) -  True or false: Use butter to relieve a burn ...(1). True or false: Place an object in the mouth of a seizing child ...(2). As a parent, do you know the correct answers? Does your babysitter? (Answers: (1)FALSE. Butter can contaminate. (2)FALSE. Placing objects in the mouth during a seizure poses a risk of choking.)

To make sure your babysitter knows what to do in a crisis, the Council on Family Health (CFH) has created the Babysitter Center, a free one-stop emergency information resource for caregivers. The Babysitter Center is a magnetized dry-erase poster with basic first aid tips and space to write in emergency telephone numbers, such as parent's location, police and poison control. Information about ordering the Babysitter Center can be found at

"It's so important for parents and babysitters to be prepared to deal with emergency medical situations such as accidental poisonings, burns, choking, bleeding, broken bones or seizures," said CFH President Robert G. Donovan. "When a child is in pain or in jeopardy, the last thing anyone would want is to waste time tracking down the number for the nearest poison control center or faltering on how to deal with a possible broken bone."

For all injuries or illnesses, the most important first aid measure for any caregiver is to stay calm. It is equally critical to call for help immediately. "Babysitters aren't the only ones who can benefit from this Council poster. The advice is also appropriate for parents, grandparents and siblings," said Donovan.

Source: PRNewswire

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