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January 25,  2002

SafetyAlerts Registrant Warning: Crockpot


 (SafetyAlerts) - SafetyAlerts has received a Safety Warning from one of our registrants who feels we should remind all of our registrants about this issue.

"We had an extremely dangerous situation as a family over the weekend and I would like to make you aware of the circumstances. When my wife made chili over the weekend in our crockpot, she went to move the crockpot of boiling chili to another part of the countertop to serve. The plastic handle on the crockpot broke, showering the kitchen with boiling chili. It was extremely lucky that she wasn't severely burned. When I looked at the crockpot, I was amazed to see that the handle attachment (the portion that broke) was plastic and obviously wasn't designed or manufactured to withstand the heat. This crockpot has not been used much and has always been handled with care. Other than the heat, I can see not reason for it failing.

I feel consumers should be warned of this danger. Thank goodness our grandson was not sitting in his highchair on the other side of the counter. We are diligent grandparents and would not have had him near hot food, however, when the handle failed, there was no controlling where the food was going to spray when it showered the kitchen and the dinning room on the other side of the countertop. "

Thank you.
Dr. F.O 

eds. SafetyAlerts recognizes the severity of burns that can be caused by this type of a handle failure and urges all of our registrants to inspect their personal appliances.

Source: SafetyAlerts.

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