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January 11,  2002

SafetyAlerts Registrant Warning: Carbon Monoxide


 (SafetyAlerts) - SafetyAlerts has received a Safety Warning from one of our registrants that we feel should be brought to all of our registrants. It has to do with a threat that is common to many families. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of poisoning in America as reported by Kevin O'Toole, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., associate professor of emergency medicine and director of the hyperbaric medicine program at UPMC Health System. SafetyAlerts will keep you informed with more information surrounding this silent killer in future articles. Please read this first hand account from one of our registrants.

Is there any way you can stress the importance of Carbon Monoxide detectors? My husband and I are chronic CO victims as a result of improperly vented gas log fireplaces. The poisoning went on for three years until we purchased a CO detector. It went off the next day and it literally kept us from dying. Now we are left with permanent brain and organ damage as a result of living in a toxic environment for that three year period. We feel like CO detectors are more important than smoke alarms. Please help us spread the word so this horrible gas doesn't continue to devastate and destroy people's lives. There are literally hundreds of us victims that are suffering with what they call, "chronic carbon monoxide poisoning" and we are wanting to help others so they don't have to suffer like all of us have. It is debilitating and has left us totally disabled! Thank you! N.F.B. 01/06/02

Source: SafetyAlerts.

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