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January 8,  2002

A Product Safety Warning From SafetyAlerts

The labeling on a spray candy product may not be effective in adequately warning parents and children about a potential misuse of a product

(SafetyAlerts) - A type of product that sprays a liquid candy has a part that may be a choking hazard. A SafetyAlerts registrant indicated that ?Candy Sprays?, by Pavalor Merchandising inc., did not have labeling effective enough to prevent his child from choking on the spray button. Pavalor CEO, Keith Taylor is reported as saying, ?unfortunately there are thousands of products just like this on the market?. The description of the potential hazard associated with this specific product may apply to other similar products with different brand names. Mr. Taylor is reported as saying that he has had other reports of choking incidents. The product may be hazardous if the button/nozzle is separated from the rest of the product and the necessary precautions are not taken.

A message from one of our registrants conveys the sense of alarm associated with this type of potential tragedy:

Please Help,

My wife bought a bottle of ?Candy Spray?. It has the same cap/top as on a can of spray paint or my wife?s perfume. The kind that just pushes on. I?m sitting watching TV and my 5 year old daughter starts choking. I get down and dig this cap out of her throat and look at it. I can?t believe that a manufacturer would market such a product for a child. I don?t want to see 10 kids dead before something is done. I have contacted the FDA. Get the message out to who ever needs to know.

Thank You,
R.W. 12/31/01

It is not the policy of SafetyAlerts to determine whether a product is safe for consumer use. We rely on government agencies and the individual corporations to determine recall status. We may indicate a potential risk associated with a product?s mis-use in order to educate our registrants. For this reason this product safety information is not in the form of a recall notification.

Source: SafetyAlerts.

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