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Recall Notification Report 029-98
September 16, 1998

Recall Notification Report


Product(s) Recalled: Professional Food Systems beef products: 3-oz ground beef patties, 4-oz ground beef patties, 10-lb. chubs of coarse ground bulk ground beef, and stew meat
Production Dates/Codes: Production from July 10, 1998 through September 1, 1998
Problem/Reason for Recall: Product spoilage due to improper freezing at off-site storage facility, some extraneous material also found (metal twist ties)
How/When Discovered: FSIS District Enforcement discovered spoiled product at a number of schools in Louisiana.
Federal Establishment: Establishment number 3SL, Professional Food Systems, formerly Monfort Food Distributors, Shreveport. La.
Corporate Contact: Bob Burns, ConAgra corporate quality control, Duluth, Minn., 318-221-6244
Quantity Recalled: About 106,000 lbs. (about 200,000 lbs. produced less 94,000 lbs. retained at plant)
Distribution: Distributed to schools in Louisiana and northeastern Texas
Recall Classification: Class 2
Recall Notification Level: To user level
Press Release: None, not identifiable by consumers; low public health risk
Direct Notification Means: Company contacting customers
FSIS Followup Activities: Effectiveness checks
Other Agencies Involved: None
FSIS Contacts:
  • District Enforcement Operations: (202) 418-8872
  • Emergency Response: (202) 501-7521
  • Media Inquiries: (202) 720-9113
  • Congressional Inquiries: (202) 720-3897
  • Consumer Inquiries: (800) 535-4555
Date of Recall Meeting: September 16, 1998
Recall Case Number: EP 029-98