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Recall Notification Report 037-98
November 5, 1998
Slightly Revised November 13, 1998

Recall Notification Report


Product(s) Recalled: IBP coarse and fine grind ground beef packed in tubes or chubs
Production Dates/Identifying Codes: Produced October 22, 1998; Wholesale product codes: 98295A or 98295B, EST 245C; Retail product has 3-line production code:

EST 245C
NOV 09 B

Problem/Reason for Recall: Contamination with E. coli O157:H7
How/When Discovered: Plant was alerted by a customer who had product tested by a private lab, which reported a sample positive for E. coli O157:H7; FSIS took samples from same sublot to be tested in an FSIS lab. Presumptive positives were obtained. The firm voluntarily initiated the recall and issued a news release. The FSIS samples were later comfirmed positive.
Federal Establishment: Est. 245C, IBP, Inc., Dakota, City, Neb.
Corporate Contact: Gary Mickelson, IBP Public Affairs, 402-241-2986; web site is, where the company press release may be obtained.
Quantity Recalled: 556,226 pounds, of which 37,360 pounds was packaged for retail
Distribution: Distributed to 33 states, 14 of which had retail product as well (indicated by an *): Alabama (*), California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia (*), Illinois, Indiana, Iowa (*), Kansas (*), Kentucky, Lousiana (*), Maryland, Massachusetts (*), Michigan, Minnesota (*), Missouri (*), Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York (*), North Carolina (*), Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania (*), Tennessee, Texas (*), Utah (*), Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin (*). Some product was also distributed to Canada.
Recall Classification: Class I
Recall Notification Level: To consumer level
Press Release: FSIS-98-RC-20
Direct Notification Means: Company contacting distributors
FSIS Followup Activities: Effectiveness checks
Other Agencies Involved: None
FSIS Contacts:
  • Compliance/Recall Coordinator: 202-418-8872
  • Emergency Response: 202-501-7521
  • Media Inquiries: 202-720-3897
  • Congressional Inquiries: 202-720-3897
  • Consumer Inquiries: 1-800-535-4555
Date of Recall Meeting: November 5, 1998
Recall Case Number: EP-037-98