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Recall Notification Report 018-99
March 31, 1999

Seitz Foods Recalls Circle 'B' Brand, Smoked Sausages

St. Joseph, MO (SafetyAlerts) - Seitz Foods is voluntarily recalling Circle 'B' Brand, Smoked Sausage in 20, 48, and 80-ounce packages and Circle 'B' Brand, Hot Smoked Sausage in 20 and 48-ounce packages, because the products were produced using ingredient materials ineligible for use, the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today.

Production Dates/Identifying Codes:

Produced between January 18, 1999, and February 1, 1999. All packages have "P-8740" in the U.S. Department of Agriculture seal and are coded on the front of the package as follows:

20-ounce, Hot Smoked Sausage - "Sell By" APR 07
48-ounce, Hot Smoked Sausage - "Sell By" MAR 31, APR 07, or APR 14
20-ounce, Smoked Sausage - "Sell By" MAR 31 or APR 07
48-ounce, Smoked Sausage - "Sell By" MAR 31, APR 07, or APR 14
80-ounce, Smoked Sausage - "Sell By" MAR 31, APR 07, or APR 14

How/When Discovered:

FSIS, District Enforcement Operations determined during follow-up investigation of a similar recall (013-99), at another establishment, that this establishment had used similar material.


00756 M/08740 P
Seitz Foods, Incorporated
P.O. Box 247
St. Joseph, Missouri 64540

Corporate Contact:

Mr. Bill Eddins, Technical Services Director, (816) 238-1771, extension #455

Quantity Recalled: 

169,482 pounds


To retail markets in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Missouri

Recall Classification:

Class II

Recall Notification Level:


Press Release:


Direct Notification Means: 

The firm is notifying their customers verbally and by letter.

FSIS Contacts:

Consumer Inquiries: 1-800-535-4555

For Further Information, Contact:

  • Consumers: Meat and Poultry Hotline, 1-800-535-4555 or (202) 720-3333 (voice);
    1-800-256-7072 (TTY)
  • Media: (202) 720-3897