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California, Merced Co.
District Attorneys Office
June 9, 1999

Prosecutors Charge Rite Aid with Selling Expired Contaceptives, Infant Formula and Medicine

San Diego, CA (SafetyAlerts) - Three District Attorneys and the City Attorney of San Diego filed a consumer protection complaint Tuesday in Alameda County against Rite Aid Corporation retail drug stores alleging the sale of expired contraceptives, infant formula and infant heath products throughout their more than 600 California stores.

Prosecutors from three California counties as well as from the City of San Diego filed the complaint after an extensive investigation into Rite Aid's sale of expired products and their failure to remove such products from their shelves, even after written assurances from their corporate officers that such products were no longer being sold.

"Consumers have a right to expect that products they have purchased are safe and nutritionally in tact. We discovered that condoms, spermicides, infant formula and infant health products and other dated merchandise were being sold to Rite Aid consumers after their expiration dates.   Worse, the sale of condoms and other product designed to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies continued in California even after Rite Aid was made aware of the problem in another state." said Merced County District Attorney Gordon Spencer.

Consumers are urged to check for expired items that may have been purchased.  Infant formula and medicines lose their nutritional value or potency with time. Product, intended to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancies also lose effectiveness

Consumers with questions can call 1-800-869-9824.


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