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July 26, 1999

Warner-Lambert Recalls Two New Trident Chewing Gums to Prevent Milk Allergy Reactions

MORRIS PLAINS, NJ (SafetyAlerts) -- In order to assure the continued acceptance of the new Trident For Kids* and Trident Advantage* chewing gums, Warner-Lambert has decided to voluntarily recall these products and relabel them so that the Recaldent logo will be readily recognized by consumers to indicate that the product contains a milk-casein derivative.

The company is alerting consumers, especially parents of young children who are allergic to milk protein, that its two new Trident chewing gum products contain Recaldent, a milk-casein derivative.

People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk or milk-based products are at risk of a serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they chew Trident For Kids or Trident Advantage chewing gum with Recaldent.

Milk-based allergies are most common in children one-to-two years old. Allergic reactions to milk-based foods can range from hives, nasal congestion, coughing, and wheezing to swelling of the lip, tongue, and mouth to general shock and in some cases death.

Jason Ford, a representative of Warner-Lambert stated that the press release was issued as soon as the problem was noted.  "We did not want to take the chance that anyone, particularly children, might have a reaction and become ill."

Recaldent is a new ingredient that contributes to remineralization, or strengthening teeth. It contains a casein (pronounced kay-seen) derivative found in milk. Recaldent does not contain lactose and will not affect people who are lactose intolerant.

The products were launched mid-June and are being distributed nationwide. The gums can be identified by a white colored oval shape on the front of the package, which identifies "Recaldent" in red and blue. This alert is being issued based on reports of allergic reactions in two young children who chewed Trident For Kids. Both children have recovered.

Trident For Kids and Trident Advantage are the first and only two products in the United States to contain Recaldent, clinically proven to strengthen teeth. The company is issuing this press release because people with this milk allergy may not be aware that Recaldent contains a milk-casein derivative. The company is encouraging all media to report on this alert. Other Trident* chewing gums do not contain Recaldent and are not affected by this alert. 

Warner-Lambert anticipates that these products will be broadly available again before the end of the year.  Consumers who have questions may call W-L Consumer Affairs at 1-800-524-2854.


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