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June 27, 1999

Sun Orchard Recalls Non-Pasteurized Orange Juice

Recall Expanded to All Non-Pasteurized Orange Juice
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Recall Expanded to Include Vareva Brand Frozen Non-Pasteurized Orange Juice
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Tempe, AZ (SafetyAlerts) - Sun Orchard has voluntarily recalled its non-pasteurized orange juice. According to the company and FDA, the orange juice may be linked to a salmonella outbreak that occurred in mid-June in Washington State and Oregon.  According to health officials, 13 people in the Seattle area have been infected with salmonella bacteria.  None of the cases appear to be long-term, nor required hospitalization.

The juice appears to have had extensive distribution. At least 85 restaurants and other food outlets are known to have received the juice in Western Washington; additional outlets are likely, but are unknown at this point.

"In King County, we have had 13 confirmed cases related to this outbreak and several other suspected, but unconfirmed cases," said Janice Boase, Deputy Chief of Communicable Disease and Epidemiologist for Public Health - Seattle & King County " All of the people currently identified have experienced sypmtoms typical of salmonella and are recovering from their illness and have not required hospitalization."

Usually, only 8 cases of S. muenchen are reported in Washington State each year.

Salmonella is a bacteria that causes infection of the intestines. Symptoms usually develop 6-72 hours after the bacteria are swallowed. Symptoms may include diarrhea, cramps, headache, fever, vomiting, and dehydration. These may disappear without treatment in 2-5 days.

Persons who believe that they drank unpastuerized orange juice and develop the symptoms of salmonella should consult their health care provider for diagnosis and care. Treatment for salmonella infections consists of rest and drinking plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

Consumers having questions about unpastuerized orange juice products may call 1-800-505-8423.

Sun Orchard is a full service manufacturer and distributor of freshly squeezed single strength citrus products.

For more information contact:

Biz Dailey 206-213-7012



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