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August 17, 1999

Wilbur Chocolate Company Recalls Semi-Sweet and Confectionery Drops

Lititz, PA (SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today reported that Wilbur Chocolate Company is recalling certain semi-sweet and confectionery drops because the products may be contaminated with traces of dairy ingredients, which are not declared on the product's label.


1. Product D-704; Item # 010040-001; Coded A0828
2. Product S-330 (liquid); Item # 015964-330; Coded 26200,23580, 25200, 25520
3. Product H951
a) (1000 count); Item # 020290-001; Coded F0528, J2338, L2018,L2038, A1839, A1919
b) (4000 count); Item # 020290-002; Coded F0428, F0438, F0518,G0218, G0228, G0238, H0418, H0428, H0438, H0518, H0538, I1738, I1818, I1828, I1918, I1928, J2228, J2238, J2318, K1638, K1718, K1728, K1828, K1838, K1918, A1919, A1929, B0939, B2319, B2329, B2339, B2439, B2519, C139
c) (4000 count/25); Item # 020290-004; Coded J2318, J2328, B0929
d) (10,000 count); Item # 020290-005; Coded J2138, H951, J2218
e) (10,000 count/25)
4. Product K801
a) (2000 count); Item # 021103-002; Coded E018, F028, F268, F298, F308, G148, H218, K098, K218, K228, A129, A139, A149, A169, B249
b) (10,000 count); Item # 021103-005; Coded F028, H098, H118, H208, J078, K0918, A139, A149, B259, C2139, C219
c) (4000 count); Item # 021103-006; Coded H198, J088
5. S001 Lemon Drops; Item # 023000-140; Coded H2918, H298, H3038, H3118, H3128, K0718, K0728, K0838, K0818, B1819, B1829, B1918, B1929, B1939, D0639, D0719, D0729
6. S514 Mocha Drops; Item # 023051-480; Coded F238, F248, F258, I118, I128, I1318, I138, I148, I1428, I158, I1528, I1618, I168, K028, K038, K048, K058, K068, K078, C119, C129, C139, C159
7. S752 Confectionery Drops; Item # 023075-220; Coded H108, H118, H188, H2328, H238, H248, I0236, I038, I098, I108, J028, J068, J178, J198, J208, K118, K128, L088, L098, B169, B179, C319
8. S948 Confectionery Drops; Item # 023094-800; Coded F258, F2538, A1719, A1729
9. T048 SS Flakes; Item # 030012-001; Coded G068, G968, L288
10. T048 Chips; Item # 030012-011; Coded K148, A079, A179
11. Forbes Chips; Item # 030013-001; Coded G098
12. Haagen Dazs Chips; Item # 030014-001; Coded F058, F068, F078, F088, F258, F268, F278, F288, G018, H118, I018, I028, J258, J268, J278, J288, J298, J308, K198, K208, K218, K228, L218, L228, A069, A079, A139, A149, A169, A179, C0229, C0329, C0429, C0529, C1929, C2029
13. Product B558
a) (1000 count/25); Item # 030020-001; Coded F028, C0929, D1219
b) (1000 count); Item # 030020-002; Coded F028, I158, I268, J278, B2419, C0929, D1219
c) (2000 count); Item # 030020-003; Coded F158, H178, H198, H208, H318, H218, I168, K088, K228, L058, L238, A079, A119, B1529, C0929, C3019, D0619
d) (4000 count/25); Item # 030020-004; Coded F028, L028, A189
e) (4000 count); Item # 030020-005; Coded F018, F0181, F038, F048, G068, I178, K178, L058, L138, A069, A119, A189, A199, B029, B039, C0419, C2439, D0719
f) (10,000 count); Item # 030020-013; Coded F278, B039, B1529, B2519, C0629, C2439, D0119
g) Progressive Baker; Item # 030020-006; Coded L058
14. Cortes Drops (4000 count) and (1000 count)
15. Darkcoat-112-135; Item # 010003-002; Coded A0819, A1137, A2129, A2139, A2219, A2629, A2829
16. Darkcoat-112-135 Parve; Item # 010003-001; Coded A0928, A1218, A1328, A1428, B2028, B2118, B2218, B2328, B2418, B2618, B2728, C0218, C0228, C0318, C0328, C0428, C0518
17. #95 Chips; Item # 030050-001; Coded F188, F308
18. Product P558 (4000 count); Item # 030100-001; Coded F298, G068, I168
19 K147 Chips
20. Product K270 (2000 count); Item # 030654-003; Coded H198, I158
21. K895 Chunks
22. K895 Cut Chips; Item # 030940-001; Coded F298, G098, I028, K178, K188, L238, B1229, B1329, C1229
23. M090 Chunks; Item # 031288-001; Coded C1329
24. Product R734 (10,000 count): Item # 031550-004; Coded F168, F178, F188, F198, G278, I108, I118, I2181, I218, I228, J058, J068, J108, J128, J138, L298, L308, B1919, B2231, B2319, C1819, C1919
25. N595 Thin Chips; Item # 031801-595; Coded F178
26. Product R377
a)(1000 count); Item # 032937-750; Coded F058, F085, J088, J098, B0939
b)(2000 count); Item # 032937-740; Coded L038, B1039
c)(6000 count); Item # 032937-720; Coded F058, J098, L048
27. Product R900
a)(3100 count); Item # 032990-030; Coded I248, I258, K308
b)(4200 count); Item # 032990-040; Coded G288, G298, G308, G318, H018, H058, H068, H078, H088, H098, H108, H118, H128, H138, H148, H158, H188, H198, H208, H218, H228, H238, H248, H258, H288, H298, H308, H318, I018, I028, I038, I048, I088, I098, I148, I238, I248, I258, I288, I298, I308, J018, J028, J038, J148, J158, J168, J178, J188, J198, J278, J288, J298, J308, J318, K238, K248, K288, K298, K308, L018, L028, L038, L048, L058, L068, L078, L088, L118, L138, L148, L158, L168, L188, L198, L238, L248, L268, A069, A078, A089, A099, A119, A129, A139, A169, A179, A189, A199, A219, A209, A229, A239, A289, A299, A309, A319, B0191, B029, B039, B1039, B1139, B1239, B2439, B2539, B2639, B2739, C0739, C0839, C0938, C1039, C1639, C1739, C1839, C1939, C2039, C2139, C2239, C2339, C2439, C2539, C2639, C2739, D0139, D0239, D0539, D0739, D0839, D0939, D0949
28. Product R949 (4200 count);Item # 032990-045; Coded C0639, D0639, D0839
29. Product S192 (1000 count); Item # 033019-201; Coded I218, A079, C1529
30. Product S239 (6500 count)
31. S423 Chunks; Item # 033042-370; Coded K21832. S423 Rods; Item # 033042-380; Coded G108, H258, I168, C1129
33. Product S456
a) (4000 count); Item # 033045-640; Coded L188, L228
b) 6500 count); Item # 033045-660; Coded F068, F078, F098, G068, G088, G148, G158, H148, H168, I058, I178, I188, I198, J218, J2181, J228, K128, K138, K148, L198, A139, A229, B069, B0729, B072, B0829, C1619, C169, C1719
34. 9 S517 Cut Chunk; Item # 033051-770; Coded F198, F208, A189, A199, B059
35. Product S800 (2000 count); Item # 033080-020; Coded G228, J058, J318, K108, K118, K228, L078, L088, L148, L158, L238, L268, L288, L298, L308, C0119, C0219, C0919, C1019
36. Product T042 (4000 count); Item # 033104-200; Coded A159, B1519, C1539
37. T110 SS Chocolate Drops; Item # 033111-000; Coded J238, J248, J258, C0519, C0619
38. Product T157 (1000 count)
39. Warwick Chocolate; Item # 040007-001; Coded H0338, H0428
40. Brandywine Chocolate; Item # 040011-001; Coded H0238, G0238, H0338
41. Brandywine Chunks; Item # 040011-003; Coded F088, I148, K138, L128, L138, B1729, C1829
42. #111 Seed; Item # 040020-001; Coded G108, G178, C268, G268, H148, J3081, J308, B029
43. Empire 120; Item # 040026-001; Coded H011844 Product S272-90
45. S885 Chocolate Seed; Item # 043088-505; Coded F198, F238, G318, H038, H048, H058
46. Reo Liquor Wafers
47. H365 Liquor Wafers; Item # 050100-001; Coded F048, F058,F238, F248, F258, B1629, C1629
48. R815 Liquor Wafers; Item # 052981-502; Coded F038, F228, F258, C1729
49. Product P0239
a) SS Drops/25; Item # 113239-025; Coded F268, B059, B209, C129, D119
b) SS Drops; Item # 113239-050; Coded F258, F288, I168, I178, J078, J088, J158, J168, J188, A049, A059, A069, B199, B279, C089, C099, C119, D069, D089, D109
c) P0239/PL; Item # 113239-051; Coded I168, D059
50. Product P0614
a) 5-Color Seed/25
b) 5-Color Seed; Item # 113614-050; Coded F168, F178, I218, K228, A129, A189, C309
51. P0778 Coated Drops; Item # 113778-050; Coded F308, G018, G028, G0281
52. P1019 Red SS/25
53. P1022 Green SS/2554. N2
54 Undercoat; Item # 012635-001; Coded F1228, F2518, G1618, G2228, H0528, I1618, J2628, K0228, L0218, C0419
55. S089 Sugar Free Drops; Item # 023008-940; Coded F0118, G2918, G2938, G3018, G3028, G3038, G3118, B0139, B0219, B0319
56. S390 Cut Chunk
57. Product S822 (2000 count); Item # 033082-220; Coded L128, L1238, L138, A059, A119, A129, A139, A259, A269, A299, B0919, B1019, B1119, B2039, B2139, B2339, B2539, C0339, C0439, C0539, C1429, C1439, C2539, C2639, C2739
58. N492 Chips.

Recall #F-585/642-9:

Wilbur Chocolate Company, Lititz, Pennsylvania and Wilbur Chocolate Company, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

Wilbur Chocolate Company, Lititz, Pennsylvania, by telephone from February 23, 1999 through April 30, 1999. Firm-initiated recall complete.

Nationwide, The Netherlands, Uruguay, Canada, France.



The information contained herein has been obtained from sources that the Company believes to be reliable, however, the Company has not independently verified or confirmed the information and the recipient acknowledges that no representations or warranties are being made in connection with the use of the information.