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September 23, 1998

Egg Rolls, Wontons, Spring Rolls, and Potstickers:
F-633-8 Vegetable Cocktail Egg Rolls
        a) Tran Foods Vegetable Cocktail Egg Rolls, 4.5 lb (*)
        b) Tran Foods 12 Vegetable Cocktail Egg Rolls,9 oz (*)
F-634-8 Vegetable Egg Rolls
        a) Tran's Vegetable Egg Rolls,12 oz
        b) Tran Foods 50 Vegetable Egg Rolls, 9.38 lb (*)
        c) Cohen's Vegetable Egg Rolls, 6.75 lb (*)
        d) Cohen's Oriental Style Egg Rolls, 4.6 lb (*)
F-635-8 Mushroom Cocktail Egg Rolls
        a) Tran Foods Mushroom Cocktail Egg Rolls, 4.5 lb (*)
F-636-8 Mushroom Egg Rolls
        a) Tran Foods 50 Mushroom Egg Rolls, 9.38 lb (*)
        b) Cohen's Oriental Style Egg Rolls With Mushroom, 5 lb
F-637-8 Imperial Seafood Egg Rolls
        a) Tran Foods Imperial Seafood Egg Rolls, 4.5 lb (*)
        b) Tran Foods 50 Imperial Seafood Egg Rolls, 9.38 lb (*)

F-638-8 Imperial Seafood Cocktail Egg Rolls
        a) Tran Foods 12 Imperial Seafood Cocktail Egg Rolls,
           9 oz (*)
F-639-8 Shrimp Egg Rolls
        a) Tran's Shrimp Egg Rolls, 12 oz
        b) Casino Chef Oriental Style Shrimp Egg Rolls,
           5 lbs. (*)
F-640-8 Shrimp & Vegetable Egg Rolls
        a) Casino Chef 50 Large Shrimp & Vegetable Egg Rolls,
           3 oz (*) 
F-641-8 Assorted Vegetable Hors D'Oeuvres                        
        a) Tran Foods 32 Assorted Vegetable Hors D'Oeuvres       
          (Cocktail Egg Roll, Fried Wontons, Potstickers, Steamed
          Dumplings), 18 oz (*)
F-642-8 Shrimp Spring Rolls
        a) Shrimp Spring Rolls, 4.6 lb
F-643-8 Vegetable Cocktail Spring Rolls
        a) Tran Foods Vegetable Cocktail Spring Rolls, 4.5 lb
F-644-8 Vegetable Fried Wonton
        a) Tran Foods Vegetable Fried Wonton, 3.75 lb (*)
F-645-8 Vegetable Potstickers
        a) Tran Foods Vegetable Potstickers, 3.75 lb (*).

All lots which fail to declare eggs or colors is under recall.

Perfection Foods Company, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Manufacturer, by telephone on June 3, 1998, by press release on June 4, 1998, and by letter on June 9, 1998. Firm-initiated recall ongoing.

New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts.

Product available in commercial channels is based on the amount of product returned to be relabeled, as of 6/08/98, which included the following:

a) 632 Cases of Cohen's Egg Roll
b) 136 Cases of Mushroom Egg Roll
c) 37 Cases of Spring Shrimp Egg Roll
d) 109 Cases of Bulk Egg Roll
e) 156 Cases Shrimp Egg Roll

The products contain undeclared eggs. In addition, products marked with (*) contain undeclared FD&C Yellow No. 5 and FD&C Yellow No. 6.


The information contained herein has been obtained from sources that the Company believes to be reliable, however, the Company has not independently verified or confirmed the information and the recipient acknowledges that no representations or warranties are being made in connection with the use of the information.