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July 8, 1998

Assorted Mini-Quiches and Cheese Blintzes:

a) Country French Style Quiche (flavored with bacon, lessthan 2%), Net Wt 0.8 oz., 100 - 0.8 oz. pieces, Hof Foods, Inc.,Goshen, NY (item #HF183C)

b) Combination Quiche 50s (20 mushroom, 15 spinach, 15smoked salmon), Net Wt. 48 oz. (3 lbs.), Barney's Foods, Inc.,Goshen, NY (item #BS370)

c) Assorted Mini Quiches (country french, Monterey,spinach), Net Wt. 80 oz. (5 lbs.), Town and Country, Goshen, NY (item #TC176C) and Four Seasons brand, packed exclusively forInternational Market Brands, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio (item #FS176C)

d) 40 Cocktail Quiches (country french style Wilton FoodsInc., Goshen, NY (item #WD132), Net Wt. 30 oz. (1 lb. 14 oz.).

e) Cheese Blintzes with four different packagingconfigurations as follows: (1) Imperial brand, SyscoCorporation, Houston, Texas (item #2287639), 144, 2.2 oz., CrepeBlintz Cheese, Net Wt. 19.5 lbs; (2) Sysco brand, Sysco Corporation, Houston, Texas (item #2287555), 128, 3 oz., CrepeCheese Blintz, Net Wt. 24 lbs; (3) Four Seasons Brand, packedexclusively for International Market Brands, Inc., Cleveland,Ohio (item #IB510FS), 12 Cheese Blintzes, Net Wt. 26 oz.,(1 lb.,10 oz.); (4) Wilton Foods Inc., Goshen, NY (item #IB510), 12cheese blintzes, Net Wt. 26 oz., (1 lb., 10 oz.). Recall #F-530/534-8.

Assorted mini quiches lot #s 29D8, 22D8, 23D8, 0224 & 0304 andcheese blintzes lot #s 23D8 & 0234.

Wilton Foods, Inc., Goshen, New York.

Manufacturer, by letter faxed and mailed on May 1, 1998, and bytelephone on May 4, 1998. Firm-initiated recall ongoing.

California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland,Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.

232 cases of assorted mini quiches and 659 cases of cheeseblintzes were distributed.

Products were manufactured using an ingredient, liquidpasteurized eggs, which was found contaminated with salmonella.


The information contained herein has been obtained from sources that the Company believes to be reliable, however, the Company has not independently verified or confirmed the information and the recipient acknowledges that no representations or warranties are being made in connection with the use of the information.