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January, 1998

Sara Lee frozen cakes and muffins in food
service packaging:
a) Sara Lee Food Service Bakery Elegant Expressions Chocolate Chocolate Torte, Net Wt. 56 oz., 2 tortes per case, SKU 8748, UPC 32100-08748
b) Sara Lee Two-Mendous Treats Carrot Cake and Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake, Net Wt. 5 lb. 5 oz., 2 cakes per case, SKU 8120, UPC 32100-08120
c) Sara Lee Food Service Bakery Low Fat 2-1/8 oz. Banana Nut Muffins, 24 muffins per tray, 4 trays per case, Net Wt. 12 lb. 12 oz., SKU 8689, UPC 32100-08689
d) Sara Lee Food Service Bakery 2-1/8 oz. Banana Nut Muffins, 24 muffins per tray, 4 trays per case, Net Wt. 12 lb. 12 oz., SKU 8677, UPC 32100-08677.

Recall #F-179/182-8.


a) lots 14017316XX, 14017317XX, 14017318XX,
14017319XX, 14017322XX, 14017323XX,
14017324XX, 14017325XX
b) lot 14017319XX; c) lot 04047325XX
d) lot 04047318XX. Please note for the
specific codes, the XX is the hour 00
through 24.


Simon Brothers Bakery Inc., Skokie, Illinois
(products a & b)
Sara Lee Bakery Tarboro, North Carolina.
(products c & d).


Sara Lee Bakery, Chicago, Illinois, by
telephone on December 4 & 5, 1997, followed by
letter on December 5, 1997. Firm-initiated
recall ongoing.


North Carolina, Illinois, South Carolina,
Maryland, Wisconsin, California, Florida,
Kansas, Ohio, Minnesota, New York, Virginia,
Colorado, District of Columbia, Missouri,
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada.


1,370 cases were distributed; firm estimated
that 50 percent of product remained on market
at time of recall initiation

The products may contain small pieces of white


The information contained herein has been obtained from sources that the Company believes to be reliable, however, the Company has not independently verified or confirmed the information and the recipient acknowledges that no representations or warranties are being made in connection with the use of the information.