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February 18, 1998

Canned Kippered Snacks manufactured between
May 26 and August 5, 1997:
a) Kippered Snacks Herring in Dijon Mustard Sauce under the Brunswick label
b) Kippered Snacks Herring in Louisiana Hot Sauce under the Brunswick label
c) Kippered Snacks Golden Smoked Herring under the Brunswick label
d) Kippered Snacks Herring under the following labels: Brunswick, Viking Delight, Season, King Oscar, Spirit of Norway, and Western Family
e) Kippered Snacks Herring, No Salt Added under the Season label.

Recall #F-253/257-8.


Codes are embossed on the lids of cans in
addition to being printed on the outer case.
Each can is overwrapped, code is not visible
on cans unless overwrap is removed.
Brunswick Brands:
Dijon Mustard: (yellow wrapper UPC
Case Code: 7X1160, 7X2160, 7X1161, 7X2161,
7X1163, 7X2163, 7X1211, 7X2211, 7X1212, 7X2212
Can Code: I7X1160D, I7X2160D, I7X1161D,
I7X2161D, I7X1163D, I7X2163D, I7X1211D,
I7X2211D, I7X1212D, I7X2212D
Louisiana Hot Sauce: (orange wrapper UPC
66613-19306) Case Code: 7X1156, 7X2156,
7X1157, 7X2157, 7X1162, 7X2162, 7X1195,
7X2196, 7X1196, 7X2196, 7X1197, 7X2197,
7X1211, 7X2211
Can Code: I7X1156L, I7X2156L, I7X1157L,
I7X2157L, I7X1162L, I7X2162L, I7X1195L,
I7X2195L, I7X1196L, I7X2196L, I7X1197L, AISLE,
I7X1211L, I7X2211L
Herring Kippered Snacks (Regular) (UPC
Case Code: 7X1147, 7X2147, 7X1148, 7X2148,
7X1150, 7X2150, 7X1153, 7X2153, 7X1163,
7X2163, 7X1164, 7X2164, 7X1168, 7X2168,
7X1169, 7X2169, 7X1170, 7X2170, 7X1171,
7X2171, 7X1174, X2174, 7X1175, 7X1175, 7X2175,
7X1176, 7X2176, 7X1177, 7X2177, 7X1178,
7X2178, 7X1182, 7X2182, 7X1183, 7X2183,
7X1184, 7X2184, 7X1185, 7X2185, 7X1189,
7X2189, 7X1190, 7X2190, 7X1191, 7X2191,
7X1213, 7X2213
Can Code: I7X1147R, I7X2147R, I7X1148R,
I7X2148R, I7X2148R, I7X1150R, I7X2150,
I7X1153R, I7X2153R, 17X1163R I7X2163R,
I7X1164R, I7X2164R, I7X1168R, I7X2168R,
I17X2169, I7X1170R, I7X2170R, I7X1171R,
I7X2171R, I7X1174R, I7X2174R, I7X1175R,
I7X2175, I7X1176R, I7X2176R, I7X1177R,
I7X2177R, I7X1178R, I7X2178R, I7X1182R,
I7X2182R, I7X1183R, I7X2183R, I7X1184R,
I7X2184R, I7X1185R, I7X2185R, I7X1189R,
I7X2189R, I7X1190R, I7X2190R, I7X1191R,
I7X2191R, I7X1213R, I7X2213R
Golden Smoked (UPC 66613-18106)
Case code: 7X1188, 7X2188, 7X1192, 7X2192,
7X1196, 7X2196, 7X1197, 7X2197, 7X1198,
7X2198, 7X1199, 7X2199, 7X1202, 7X2202,
7X1205, 7X2205, 7X1206, 7X2206, 7X1210,
7X2210, 7X1212, 7X2212, 7X1213, 7X2213
Can Code: J7X1188S, J7X2188S, J7X1192S,
J7X2192S, J7X1196S, J7X2196S, J7X1197S,
J7X2197S, J7X1198S, J7X2198S, J7X1199S,
J7X2199S, J7X1202S, J7X2202S, J7X1205S,
JX2205S, J7X1206S, J7X2206S, J7X1210S,
7X2210S, J7X1212S, J7X2212S, J7X1213S,
Private Label:
Viking Delight Kippered Snacks (UPC
Case Code: 7X1197S, 7X2197
Can Code: J7X1197S, J7X2197S
Season Kippered Snacks, No Salt Added (UPC
Case Code: 7X1188, 7X2188, 7X1189, 7X1189,
Can Code: J7X1188Z, J7X2188Z, J7X1189Z
Season Kippered Snacks (UPC 70303-02388)
Case Code: 7X2189, 7X1190, 7X2190, 7X1191,
Can Code: J7X2189Z, J7X1190S, J7X2190S,
J7X1191S, J7X2191S
King Oscar Kippered Snacks (UPC 71140-00400)
Case Code: 7X2197,7X1198, 7X2198, 7X1199,
7X2199, 7X1206, 7X2206, 7X1195, 7X2195
Can Code: J7X2197S, J7X1198S, J7X2198S,
J7X1199S, J7X2199S, J7X1206S, J7X2206S,
J7X1195S, J7X2195S
Spirit of Norway Kippered Snacks (UPC
Case Code: 7X1195, 7X1211, 7X2195, 7X2209
Can Code: J7X1195S, J7X1211S, J7X2195S,
Western Family Kippered Snacks (UPC
Case Code: 7X1183 and 7X2183
Can Code: I7X1183R and I7X2183R.

Connors Brothers, Ltd., New Brunswick, Canada.

Connors Brothers, Inc., So. Portland, Maine
(importer), by fax on September 4, 1997
followed by letter. Firm-initiated recall




63,233 cases of 18 and 4,081 cases of 24 were


Some of the product was packed in defective
cans which could not preserve the integrity of
the product.


The information contained herein has been obtained from sources that the Company believes to be reliable, however, the Company has not independently verified or confirmed the information and the recipient acknowledges that no representations or warranties are being made in connection with the use of the information.