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        Comments and Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions can be answered here.  This page can also help direct your questions to the person, agency or website that can provide you with the best assistance.  Please take time to read our frequently asked questions below.

What is
How can I be notified of safety recalls?
How can I find out information about a recall?
How can I report a product that I believe to be unsafe?
How can I inform SafetyAlerts of a recall not on the site?
General comments or questions about our service.
How can I get SafetyAlerts news for my website?
How can I advertise on the SafetyAlerts website and in the SafetyAlerts newsletter?

What is  SafetyAlerts is a news service that focuses on product safety and recall information.   SafetyAlerts is not affiliated in any way with the products that have been recalled.

SafetyAlerts cannot offer advice, guidance, or opinion regarding:

Medical information
Mechanical information
Warranty information
Parts and service

If you are looking for replacement parts, where to find a specific product, or have general questions or comments concerning a product, you will need to contact the company directly.  If we do not have contact information available on the recall notice itself, we suggest using one of the major search engines such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, AOL, or Google.    Recall top

How can I be notified of safety recalls?
SafetyAlerts provides a free newsletter that can help you stay informed of important safety recalls.  SafetyAlerts™ email newsletter is sent once daily, BUT - only if recalls have been issued.  To find out more about the mailer click here. To sign up for our free SafetyAlerts™ newsletter, click here.  
Recall top

How can I find out information about a recall? SafetyAlerts has 3 ways to help make finding recall information quick and easy.

  • Use our search engine. Just type the name of the product or the manufacturer and click on Go. This is usually the fastest way to find what you are looking for.

  • Search for recalls by the category.  SafetyAlerts has separated our recalls into 16 categories to help narrow your search for recalls.   Click here for a list and description of our categories.

  • Search for recall by date.  If you know the month a product was recalled, you can search our chronological listing of recalls.  Click here for the "By Date" pages.   Recall top

Important Note - SafetyAlerts currently only hosts automotive recalls issued during 1998 or later.  If you are looking for recall information that may have been issued prior to this you should visit the NHTSA web site here. Recall top

How can I report a product that I believe to be unsafe?  Safety recalls are initiated by the company responsible for the product or via certain government agencies.   SafetyAlerts recommends you report any product you feel is not safe to both the company and the appropriate agency.  To find contact information for the regulating agencies, visit our "Report an Unsafe Product" page.  Recall top

How can I let SafetyAlerts know of a recall that I don't see on the website? SafetyAlerts strives to provide you with the most comprehensive listing of product warnings available.  Occasionally you may hear of recall that we do not have yet.  We appreciate any information on these recalls.   Just send an email to our research department, we will research, verify, and post the recall information so others will have the information. Recall top

Do you have general comments or questions about SafetyAlerts or the newsletter?  Use our comment form to let us know what you think of our website and our service.  Suggestions, complaints, praise or ideas are always welcome.  Click here to go to the comment form.  Recall top

How can I get SafetyAlerts content for my website?  SafetyAlerts offers two ways for you to obtain our content for your website.  Click here for details.  Recall top

How can I advertise on the SafetyAlerts website or in the newsletter?  SafetyAlerts has provided a convenient page with our current advertising information. Click here for the details.  Recall top

Still not sure who to contact? Use our comment form. If you are still not sure who to contact with your questions, please feel free to use our comment form.  Recall top

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