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October 8, 1999

Counterfeit Baby Formula Found in Southern California

EVANSVILLE, IN, (SafetyAlerts) - Mead Johnson Nutritionals has discovered what appears to be a counterfeit product labeled as their Nutramigen one of a kind infant formula.

The company has confirmed reports that some cans found in southern California contain another product, which appear to be regular infant formula, were relabeled with counterfeit Nutramigen labels. Nutramigen is a one-of-a-kind hypoallergenic formula for babies who cannot digest milk protein.  Infants who consume this counterfeit formula and who have a sensitivity to milk products could suffer adverse reactions or illness.

Mead Johnson is asking parents in southern California who feed their babies Nutramigen® Powder infant formula to check that the letters NUTRAM are embossed on the bottom of the can. If the third line of the embossed copy on the bottom of the can does not say NUTRAM, the infant formula should not be fed to the baby.  Parents who have a can without NUTRAM embossed on the bottom should immediately notify Mead Johnson Nutritionals at 1-800-222-9123 for further instructions.

Mead Johnson wants to assure parents that all cans of Nutramigen Powder with NUTRAM embossed on the bottom of the can, and other forms of Nutramigen — both concentrate and ready-to-use — are not affected.

The counterfeit cans were purchased at several stores in southern California. Upon learning of the counterfeiting, Mead Johnson immediately notified the stores where the product was purchased and asked them to check all inventory. The company is also sending personnel into stores in southern California to check all Nutramigen Powder inventory.

Mead Johnson wants to assure parents who use Nutramigen Powder that product will remain available and that any can with NUTRAM embossed on the bottom contains Nutramigen and is perfectly safe for use.

In keeping with its commitment to provide safe and healthy nutrition to infants, Mead Johnson encourages parents who have any questions to call the Consumer Resource Center at 1-800-222-9123.

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