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May 29, 2002

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Drugs

(SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released the following information.

Claforan Sterile (cefotaxime) for injection, USP (formerly sterile
cefotaxime sodium), 500 mg IM/IV, Vial, Rx only. Recall # D-265-2.;
Claforan Sterile (cefotaxime) for injection, USP (formerly sterile
cefotaxime sodium), 1 gram IM/IV, Vial, Rx only. Recall # D-266-2;
Claforan Sterile (cefotaxime) for injection, USP (formerly sterile
cefotaxime sodium), 2 grams IM/IV, Vial, Rx only. Recall # D-267-2.

500-mg. x 10 Lot No. Exp. Date
100632 Oct-02
120416 Dec-02
120469 Dec-02
021969 Feb-03
051739 May-03
091877 Sep-03
1-gram x 50 Lot No. Exp. Date
090668 Sep-02
090686 Sep-02
090688 Sep-02
110558 Nov-02
110565 Nov-02
110567 Nov-02
120421 Dec-02
120452 Dec-02
021912 Feb-03
021910 Feb-03
021914 Feb-03
021913 Feb-03
021911 Feb-03
031902 Mar-03
031903 Mar-03
041786 Apr-03
041829 Apr-03
041858 Apr-03
061704 Jun-03
091881 Sep-03
2-gram x 10 Lot No. Exp. Date
090683 Sep-02
110551 Nov-02
041729 Apr-03
071840 Jul-03
101894 Oct-03
2-gram x 25 Lot No. Exp. Date
110627 Nov-02
031947 Mar-03
041778 Apr-03
071839 Jul-03
2-gram x 50 Lot No. Exp. Date
090679 Sep-02
110554 Nov-02
021948 Feb-03
041730 Apr-03
041791 Apr-03
041821 Apr-03
071838 Jul-03.

Recalling Firm: Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Kansas City, MO, by letter dated February 22, 2002.
Manufacturer: Patheon UK Limited, Swindon, Wiltshire SN35BZ, England.
Firm initiated recall is ongoing.

Labeling; product label declares inactive ingredients that are not contained in the product (Dextrose Hydrous, USP, Sodium Citrate Hydrous, USP and Hydrochloric Acid)

500-mg. - 418,200 vials;
1-gram - 1,635,450 vials;
2-gm. - 647,574 vials.


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