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May 23, 2002

American Casein Company Recall Update

(SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the following information.

All products packaged in polyethylene lined multi-ply paper bags, wt per bag:
a) Item 407-21, Edible Acid Casein, AC-130, 25 kg/bag.
Recall # F-402-2;
b) Item 502-01, Casein Protein Polymers BL-330, 50 lbs.
Recall # F-403-2;
c) Item 402-18, Calcium Caseinate CC-901, 25 kgs.
Recall # F-404-2;
d) Item 415-35, Complete Milk Protein CMP-801, 20 kgs.
Recall # F-405-2;
e) Item 415-19, Complete Milk Protein-High Protein CMP-HP,
20 Kgs. Recall # F-406-2;
f) Item 415-21, Complete Milk Protein-I CMP-I, 20 kgs.
Recall # F-407-2;
g) Item 423-01, Hydrolyzed Protein Flavex brand Curegel 150,
50 lbs. Recall # F-408-2;
h) Item 412-02, Pizza Dough Conditioner DC-103, 50 lbs.
Recall # F-409-2;
i) Item 407-01, Edible Acid Casein (407-003), 50 lbs.
Recall # F-410-2;
j) Item 423-02, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein Flavex 35, 50 lbs.
Recall # F-411-2;
k) Item 423-03, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein Flavex MPH-36, 50 lbs.
Recall # F-412-2;
l) Item 425-06, Protein Hydrolysate HLA-198, 50 lbs.
Recall # F-413-2;
m) Item 425-15, Partly Hydrolyzed Sodium Caseinate HMP-26,
50 Lbs. Recall # F-414-2;
n) Item 415-02, Dairy Blend HMP-35, 50 lbs. Recall # F-415-2;
o) Item 415-10, Ice Cream Powder MattusÆ, 20 kgs.
Recall # F-416-2;
p) Item 415-09, Darimix SD-101, 50 lbs. Recall # F-417-2;
q) Item 401-13, Sodium Caseinate, Spray Dried, 20 kgs.
Recall # F-418-2;
r) Item 401-02, Sodium Caseinate, 2nd Grade Spray, 25 kgs.
Recall # F-419-2;

a) LOT 9003;
b) LOT D10919;
c) LOT D10913;
d) LOT D10915;
e) LOT D10909;
f) LOTS D10905, D10916, D10721;
g) LOTS D10825, D10812;
h) LOTS D10924, D10601;
i) LOT D10819;
j) LOT D10810;
k) LOT D10806;
l) LOTS D10907, D10911;
m) LOTS D10814, D10804;
n) LOT D10803;
o) LOT D10917;
p) LOT D10815;
q) LOT D10816;
r) LOT D10818.

American Casein Company, Delmar, MD, by fax and courier on October 24, 25 and 29, 2001. Firm initiated recall is complete.

The products may be contaminated with thin metal wire.

351,000 bags.


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