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April 11, 2002

Alpharma USPD Has Recalled Epinephrine Mist Kit, Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol

Baltimore, MD  (SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that Alpharma USPD has recalled Epinephrine Mist Kit, Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol.

Epinephrine Mist Kit, Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol, USP, 5.5 mg/mL 1/2 Fl. Oz., Kit contains nebulizer/actuator packaged with vial. Recall # D-221-2.

Epinephrine Mist-Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol USP Refill, 5.5 mg/mL, packaged in 0.5 ounce plastic coated glass vials, 1 vial per box, 24 boxes/carton. Recall # D-222-2.

Kit with Inhaler (1/2 oz)
Lot Number Expiration Date
RB0166 28-Feb-02
RB0170 28-Feb-02
RB0171 31-Mar-02
RB1200 31-Jan-03
RB1201 31-Jan-03
RB1204 28-Feb-03
RB1205 28-Feb-03
RB1207 28-Feb-03
RB1208 28-Feb-03
RC0176 30-Apr-02
RC1209 28-Feb-03
RC1213 31-Mar-03
RD0178 30-APR-02
RD0180 31-Mar-02
RD0182 30-Mar-02
RD0183 30-Mar-02
RF1414 30-Mar-03
RH0543 30-Jun-02
RH0544 31-Jul-02
RH0547 31-Jul-02
RH0548 31-Jul-02
RJ1669 30-Jun-03
RJ1671 30-Jun-03
RJ1672 30-Jun-03
RK0551 31-Aug-02
RK0552 31-Aug-02
RK0553 31-Aug-02
RK0689 30-Sep-02
RK1676 31-Jul-03
RK1677 31-Jul-03
RK1680 31-Aug-03
RL0690 30-Sep-02
RL0691 30-Sep-02
RN0698 31-Oct-02
RN0699 31-Oct-02
RN0700 31-Oct-02
RP0834 31-Oct-02
RP0835 31-Oct-02
RS0840 31-Jan-03
RS0841 31-Jan-03

Refill (1/2 oz)
Lot Number Expiration Date
RB0167 28-Feb-02
RB0168 28-Feb-02
RB0169 28-Feb-02
RB1202 28-Feb-03
RB1203 28-Feb-03
RB1206 28-Feb-03
RC0172 31-Mar-02
RC0173 03-Jan-00
RC0177 28-Feb-02
RC1210 31-Mar-03
RC1211 31-Mar-03
RC1212 31-Mar-03
RC1214 31-Mar-03
RD0179 31-Mar-02
RD0181 30-Mar-02
RD0410 31-Mar-03
RD1405 30-APR-03
RD1406 31-May-03
RD1407 31-May-03
RD1408 31-May-03
RD1409 31-May-03
RF1410 31-Mar-03
RF1412 31-Mar-03
RF1413 31-Mar-03
RH0542 30-Mar-02
RH0545 31-Jul-02
RH0546 31-Jul-02
RH0549 31-Aug-02
RH0550 31-Aug-02
RJ1670 30-Jun-03
RJ1674 30-Jun-03
RK0554 31-Aug-02
RK0555 31-Aug-02
RK0688 31-Aug-02
RK1675 31-Jul-03
RK1678 31-Jul-03
RK1679 31-Aug-03
RL0692 30-Sep-02
RL0693 30-Sep-02
RL0694 30-Sep-02
RL0695 31-Oct-02
RL1977 31-Aug-03
RN0696 31-Oct-02
RN0701 31-Oct-02
RP0833 31-Oct-02
RP0836 30-Nov-03
RP0837 30-Nov-03
RP0838 31-Jan-03
RS0839 31-Jan-03
RS0841 31-Jan-03
RS0841 31-Jan-03
RS0842 31-Jan-03
RS0843 31-Jan-03.

Recalling Firm: Alpharma USPD, Baltimore, MD, by letter on February 26, 2002.

Manufacturer: Armstrong Laboratories, Inc., West Roxbury, MA.
Firm initiated recall is ongoing.

Failure to test Purified Water ingredient for all microbial

4,333,356 units.


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