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May 17, 2001

Holox Ltd Recalls Oxygen and Nitrogen Cylinders

Norcross, GA (SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said today that Holox Ltd. has recalled certain Oxygen and Nitrogen cylinders because the Oxygen cylinders may be overfilled and the Nitrogen cylinders have possible C02 contamination.

This is the first public notice of this Class II recall issued by FDA.

a) Oxygen,USP,compressed, in Aluminum Cylinders. Recall #D-207-1.

b) Nitrogen,NF, compressed, steel tanks sizes H and E. Recall #D-208-1.

a) Aluminum Oxygen Tank lot numbers: 0990J001-04, 0992J006-04, 0993J007-02, 0993J007-04, 0994J011-01, 0994J013-01, -02, -03, 0994J014-01, -03, 0995J015-01, -03, 0995J019-05, -08, 0995J020-03, 04, -05, 0997J021-03, 0997022-01, -02, -03, -04, 0997J025-05, -06, 0997J026-03, -04, 0997J027-02, -06, -07, 0998J029-02, -03, 0998J028-02, -03, -04, 0990K002-01, -
02, 0992K003-02, -03, 0993K003-01, 0993K005-02, -03, 0993K005-01, -08, 0997K012-02, 0998K016-03, 0998K016-06, 0999K017-01, -02, 0999K018-01, 0999K019-03, -05, 0990K020-01, -02, 0992K023-01, 0992H906-07, 0992H909-01, 0994H909-03, 0994H910-01, -02, -04, 09995H911-02, -03, 0997H917-01, -02, -03, 0997H918-03, 0997H919-01, -02, -03, 0997H920-01, -02, -03, 0998H923-04, 0998H923-01, -02, -03, 0998H924-01,0999H925-01, -02, -03, 0999H925-05, 0999H927-04, 0999H926-01, -03, 0999H927-01, -02, -03, 09910H930-05, -08, -09, -10, 09910931-01, -02, -03, 09910J931-05, -05, -06.

b) Steel Tank Nitrogen NF lot numbers: 0990K002-01, 0990K002-02, 0990K003-01, 0991K006-01, 0991K006-02, 0991K006-03, 0991K006-04, 0991K009-01, 0991K009-02, 0991K012-01, 0993K013-01, 0993K013-02, 0993K013-03, 0993K016-01, 0993K018-01, 0993K018-02, 0993K019-01, 0994K020-01, 0994K020-02, 0994K023-01, 0994K023-02, 0995K026-01, 0996K030-01, 0996K030-02.

Holox, Ltd., Norcross, GA.

Manufacturer, by letter on 11/2/00. Firm-initiated recall *complete.

*Completed recall: FDA states 'completed recall' indicates the company has removed all affected product from store shelves,  it does not necessarily mean this particular product lot, or codes, have been fully accounted for.

FL and GA.

97 Oxygen cylinders and 24 Nitrogen NF cyclinders.

Questions concerning this recall may be directed to the FDA at 1-888-INFO-FDA.

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