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February 2, 2001

Fernandes Lupini Beans Recalled

Sacramento, CA (SafetyAlerts) - Consumers who have purchased canned lupini beans with the label "Fernandes Lupini Beans" should not eat them because the product was inadequately processed to prevent botulism, a potentially fatal illness, State Health Director Diana M. Bontá, R.N., Dr.P.H., warned today.

The 24-ounce jars of beans were only sold directly from the firm's retail outlet at 4220 Commercial Drive in Tracy. Approximately 52 jars are not accounted for at this time. No illnesses associated with consuming this product have been reported to the California Department of Health Services (DHS).

Consumers who purchased the product should immediately return the product to the Tracy store.

The Tracy-based manufacturer is voluntarily recalling the lupini beans. The product contained several types of bacteria. Jar lids of containers observed at the manufacturing plant had begun to bulge due to gas formation by bacteria in the product and could cause the containers to burst. Such containers should not even be opened.

Botulism toxin may slowly be produced under certain conditions. Even tasting a small amount of the product could cause dizziness, double vision and difficulty in breathing, and general paralysis. People who experience these symptoms after consuming Fernandes Lupini Beans should seek immediate medical attention. In severe cases, botulism may also cause death.

Fernandes Sao Jorge Linguica, the manufacturer, was not licensed to can foods. DHS has ordered the firm to cease production of canned lupini beans. Licensed canneries processing lupini beans utilize food processes that prevent the formation of botulism toxin, have frequent regulatory inspections and meet other requirements that ensure food safety. The manufacturer has fully cooperated with the DHS investigation, which is continuing.

Consumers with questions about the recall may phone DHS’ Food and Drug Branch at (916) 445-2264 or Fernandes Sao Jorge Linguica at (209) 835-9115.

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