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Company letter received at Safetyalerts 9-27-00

The recall posted at this site is actually a downstream part of a previous recall listed on this site on May 17, 2000. In April 2000, A.C. Humko, a supplier of parboiled rice, recalled approximately 10 million pounds of rice that had a possibility of containing small diameter wire ranging in length of 7mm to 12mm. This recall was classified as a Class II recall, with a low probability of causing injury or illness. Customers that had received the affected Zatarain’s product were notified on April 14, 2000. Zatarain’s was listed as one of the products produced and recalled on the 5/17/2000 Safety Alerts posting.

Zatarain’s received approximately 400,000 pounds of the affected rice, with shipments as far back as February 25, 2000. This rice is used to manufacture the rice mix dinners. Upon notification by A.C. Humko, Zatarain’s immediately put the Zatarain warehouse product on hold and started the process of identifying the recipients of the affected lot codes, notifying the customers of the recall, isolating the product to prevent the product from returning to the retail shelves and destroying the dinners.

NO wire fragments were found. The theoretical amount of contamination was one piece to every 40,000 pounds of rice.

The entire identified affected product has been destroyed and the company considers this recall closed.