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May 2, 2000

Additional Products Recalled by Grand Foods

Minneapolis, MN (SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today reported that Grand Foods, Inc. is recalling sandwich and salad products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Around 237,000 sandwiches were distributed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida.  The recall affects all refrigerated sandwich products and salads on the market at the time of recall initiation and all frozen sandwich products coded 042 through 076.  See below for a list of products.

This ongoing Class I recall was initiated by Grand Foods Inc., by telephone and letter on March 16, 2000, and by letter and telephone on March 21, 2000.  This is the first public notice issued by the FDA.

The recalled sandwich and salad products as follows:
Refrigerated Sandwiches And Salads
a) F-307-0 Tuna Salad Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
b) F-308-0 Ham Salad Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
c) F-309-0 Chicken Salad Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
d) F-310-0 Egg Salad Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
e) F-311-0 Corned Beef Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
f) F-312-0 Ham & Cheese Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
g) F-313-0 Turkey & Swiss Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
h) F-314-0 Roast Beef & Swiss Wedge Sandwich, 5 oz.
i) F-315-0 Ham & Turkey Club Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
j) F-316-0 Salami & Cheese Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
k) F-317-0 Bologna & Cheese Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
l) F-318-0 Chuckwagon Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
m) F-319-0 Deli Ham Wedge Sandwich, 4 oz./5 oz.
n) F-320-0 Hamburger, 5.10 oz.
o) F-321-0 BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, 5.60 oz.
p) F-322-0 Cheeseburger, 5.85 oz.
q) F-323-0 Chili Cheeseburger, 5.85 oz.
r) F-324-0 Cheddar & Onion Burger, 6.20 oz.
s) F-325-0 Pepper Jack Burger, 5.45 oz.
t) F-326-0 Double Burger w/ Cheese, 8.45 oz.
u) F-327-0 Breaded Steak Biscuit, 4.75 oz.
v) F-328-0 Sausage Cheese Omelet Biscuit, 5.50 oz.
w) F-329-0 Sausage Cheese Omelet English Muffin, 4.50 oz.
x) F-330-0 Bacon & Cheese English Muffin, 3.75 oz.
y) F-331-0 Tuna Salad Croissant, 5.00 oz.
z) F-332-0 Chicken Salad Croissant, 5.00 oz.
aa) F-333-0 Egg Salad Croissant, 5.00 oz.
bb) F-334-0 Ham & Cheese Croissant, 5.00 oz.
cc) F-335-0 Roast Beef & Swiss Croissant, 5.00 oz.
dd) F-336-0 Ham & Turkey Club Croissant, 5.00 oz.
ee) F-337-0 Chicken & Swiss Croissant, 6.00 oz.
ff) F-338-0 Sausage & Cheese Omelet Croissant, 5.50 oz.
gg) F-339-0 Canadian Bacon Omelet Croissant, 5.25 oz.
hh) F-340-0 Ham & Cheese Bun Sandwich, 5.00 oz.
ii) F-341-0 Roast Beef & Cheddar Bun Sandwich, 5.00 oz.
jj) F-342-0 Ham & Turkey Club Bun Sandwich, 5.00 oz.
kk) F-343-0 Chuckwagon Bun Sandwich, 5.00 oz.
ll) F-344-0 Meatloaf w/ Ketchup Bun Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
mm) F-345-0 Deli Roasted Chicken Bun Sandwich, 5.25 oz.
nn) F-346-0 Smoked Turkey Parmesan Bun Sandwich, 5.25 oz.
oo) F-347-0 Chicken Fried Steak Bun Sandwich, 7.00 oz.
pp) F-348-0 Double Pork Chop Bun Sandwich, 7.84 oz.
qq) F-349-0 Hickory BBQ Chicken Bun Sandwich, 6.10 oz.
rr) F-350-0 Sloppy Joe Bun Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
ss) F-351-0 Pork Rib w/ BBQ Bun Sandwich, 5.75 oz.
tt) F-352-0 Chicken & Mushroom Bun Sandwich, 6.50 oz.
uu) F-353-0 Fish & Cheese Bun Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
vv) F-354-0 BBQ Beef Bun Sandwich, 5.50 oz.
ww) F-355-0 Frisco Chicken Bun Sandwich, 6.50 oz.
xx) F-356-0 Roast Beef w/ Horseradish Bun Sandwich, 5.50 oz.
yy) F-357-0 Salisbury w/ A-1 Bun Sandwich, 7.50 oz.
zz) F-358-0 Buffalo Chicken Bun Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
aaa) F-359-0 Cajun Chicken Bun Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
bbb) F-360-0 Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich, 6.50 oz.
ccc) F-361-0 Grilled BBQ Club Sandwich, 6.75 oz.
ddd) F-362-0 Grilled Turkey & Raspberry Sandwich, 5.50 oz.
eee) F-363-0 Grilled Western Omelet Sandwich, 6.50 oz.
fff) F-364-0 Grilled Cheese Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
ggg) F-365-0 Jumbo Hot Dog, 6.25 oz.
hhh) F-366-0 Twin Chili & Cheese Dog, 7.70 oz.
iii) F-367-0 Polish Sausage, 5.45 oz.
jjj) F-368-0 Jalapeno Cheese Dog, 6.95 oz.
kkk) F-369-0 Monster Sub Sandwich, 7.75 oz.
lll) F-370-0 Philly & Swiss Sub Sandwich, 6.75 oz.
mmm) F-371-0 CheeseSteak w/ Onions Sub Sandwich, 6.75 oz.
nnn) F-372-0 Deluxe Sub Sandwich, 6.05 oz.
ooo) F-373-0 Pepperoni Melt Bun Sandwich, 5.50 oz.
ppp) F-374-0 Submarine Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
qqq) F-375-0 Ham & Turkey Club Bun Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
rrr) F-376-0 Ham & Swiss Sub Sandwich, 6.60 oz.
sss) F-377-0 Peppered Turkey & Swiss Sub Sandwich, 6.00 oz.
ttt) F-378-0 Roasted Chicken & Swiss Sub Sandwich, 6.50 oz.
uuu) F-379-0 Macaroni Salad, 6.00 oz.
vvv) F-380-0 Garden Salad, 6.50 oz.
www) F-381-0 Veggies w/ Dip, 8.00 oz.
xxx) F-382-0 Chef Salad, 7.00 oz.
yyy) F-383-0 Taco Salad, 7.00 oz.
zzz) F-384-0 Grilled Reuben, 6 oz.
aaaa) F-385-0 Grilled Cheese Deluxe Sandwich, 5.7 oz.

Products a) - yyy) were distributed refrigerated under the following labels:
- Grand Deli, Grand Foods, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 55414
- Snacks Plus, Gwinner, ND / Bismarck, ND 58504
- Sweets and Eats on Sixth, 505 South Sixth Street, Wahpeton, ND
- T-S Vending, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
- Apple Automatic, St. Louis Park, MN
- Aramark, St. Paul, MN
- UDS, University Dining Services, Roseville, MN 55113
- Breaktime Beverage, Incorporated, Minneapolis, MN 55416
- C & C Vending’s Sweets and Eats, Aberdeen, SD 56740
- D & R Vending, 2207 7th Street, Rochester, MN 55901
- Davidson’s Vending Systems, Burnsville / Red Wing, MN
- HUB Vending Inc., Osseo, MN 55369
- jji (Jimmy Jingle) Deli Classics, Minneapolis, MN 55407
- Sodexho Marriott Services, Mpls, MN
- Midwest Vending, Mpls, MN 55337
- NorVend, Inc., Duluth / Grand Rapids (MN)
- Vendrite, Inc., Hastings, MN
- Vendstar, St. Paul, MN 55107
- Versa Vend Vending, Inc. St. Cloud, MN
(This firm has the Versa Vend and the Smart Menu brands)
- Viking Food Service, Edina, MN 55439
- Colonel Lea Sandwiches PX Vending, Albert Lea, MN 56007
- Omega Trading, Minneapolis, MN 55421
- Royal Vending, Inc., New Hope, MN 55427
- Ryer Food Service, Minneapolis, MN 55413
- Theisen Vending Company, 3800 Nicollet Avenue South,
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409
- Quality Service North, Inc., Forest Lake, MN 55025
-Sunrise Vending, Minneapolis, MN 55423
Products zzz) - aaaa) were distributed under the following label:
Supermom’s, St. Paul Park, MN 55071

Products a), b), c), d), e), f), g), h), i), j), k), l), m), kkk), lll), mmm), nnn), ooo), ppp), qqq), rrr), sss), ttt) were distributed under the following label:
Signature Dining, Richfield, MN 55423
Frozen Sandwiches

The following frozen sandwiches were distributed under the Grand Foods brand, and labeled as prepared by Grand Foods, Minneapolis, MN:
A) F-386-0 Ham & Cheese Sandwich, 4 oz.
B) F-387-0 Turkey & Swiss Sandwich, 4 oz.
C) F-388-0 Ham & Turkey Club Sandwich, 4 oz.
D) F-389-0 Cheeseburger, 4.75 oz.
E) F-390-0 Ham Omelet English Muffin, 4.5 oz.
F) F-391-0 Sausage English Muffin    with Egg and Cheese, 4.5 oz.
G) F-392-0 Ham & Cheese Croissant, 5 oz.
H) F-393-0 Turkey & Swiss Croissant, 5 oz.
I) F-394-0 Roast Beef & Swiss Croissant, 5 oz.
J) F-395-0 Ham & Turkey Club Croissant, 5 oz.
K) F-396-0 Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant, 5.5 oz.
L) F-397-0 Breakfast Croissant - Canadian Bacon, 5 oz.
M) F-398-0 Chuckwagon, 5 oz.
N) F-399-0 Cheesesteak Hoagie, 4.5 oz. and 7.05 oz.
O) F-400-0 Turkey & Swiss Sub Sandwich, 6.5 oz.
P) F-401-0 Chicken Sandwich, 5 oz.
Q) F-402-0 Rib Hoagie, 4.5 oz.
R) F-403-0 Grilled Panini - Salami & Pepper Cheese Sandwich, 5 oz.
S) F-404-0 Fish Sandwich with Tarter Sauce, 6.5 oz.
T) F-405-0 Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, 4.5 oz.
U) F-406-0 Grilled Ham & Cheese, 6.2 oz.
V) F-407-0 Grilled Reuben, 6 oz.
W) F-408-0 Italian Sub, 7 oz.
X) F-409-0 Ham & Turkey Club Sub Sandwich, 6.5 oz.
Y) F-410-0 Roast Beef & American Sandwich, 6 oz.
Z) F-411-0 Frisco Chicken Sandwich, 6.5 oz.
AA) F-412-0 Salisbury with A-1 Sandwich, 5.75 oz.
BB) F-413-0 Twin Chili Dog, 7.5 oz.
CC) F-414-0 Pork Roast and Swiss Sandwich, 5 oz.
DD) F-415-0 Pepperoni Melt Sub, 6.5 oz.
EE) F-416-0 English Muffin Sandwich - Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheese, 4.5
FF) F-417-0 Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, 6 oz.

Questions concerning this recall may be directed to the FDA at 1-888-INFO-FDA.
FDA Recall #f-307/417-0

Notice of this product warning was sent via email to SafeMail subscribers May 2, 2000.

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