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February 9, 2000

Trident Seafoods Corp. Recalls Imitation Crabmeat Products Sold Under Multiple Brands

Fife, WA (SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today reported that Trident Seafoods Corp. is recalling certain imitation crabmeat products because the product was contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

The recalled imitation crabmeat can be identified as follows:

1) Smart Choice, Flake Style

  • Pack 5/2.0 lbs, Net Wt. 10. lbs, "USE BY 27 SEP 99", lot 29189.

  • Pack 5/2.0 lbs, Net Wt. 10. lbs, "USE BY 03 OCT 99", lot 19195.

  • Pack 12/0.66 lbs, Net Wt. 7.9 lbs, "USE BY 27 SEP 99", lot 39189.

  • Pack 12/0.66 lbs Net Wt. 7.9 lbs "USE BY 03 OCT 99", lot 49195.

b) Sea Legs Brand, Fit Fare

  • Pack 12/0.66 lbs, Net Wt. 7.9 lbs, "USE BY 02 OCT 99", lot 59194.

c) Smart Choice, Leg Style

  • Pack 12/0.66 lbs, Net Wt. 7.9 lbs, "USE BY 03 OCT 99", lot 39195.

d) Sea Legs, Supreme

  • Net Wt. ** 2 lb 8 oz***", lot 69196

According to FDA, the recalled meat was distributed only in Canada.  The firm estimates none remains on the market.

This Class I recall was initiated by Trident Seafoods by telephone on July 28, 1999, followed by fax.  This is the first public notice issued by the FDA.  The FDA considers this recall to be complete.

Questions concerning this recall may be directed to the FDA at 1-888-INFO-FDA.
FDA Recall #F-093/096-0

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