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January 11, 2000

Vita-J Juice Drinks Recalled for Contamination

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New Brunswick, CT (SafetyAlerts) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today reported that Raphah, Inc. is recalling certain Vita-J juice drinks because the product is contaminated with yeast.

The recalled drinks are the Vita-J Orange Juice Drink from Concentrate, Fruit Punch, Pink Grapefruit Cocktail with Raspberry.

All varieties with the following codes, ink-jetted onto the bottles:
OCT 99, NOV 99, DEC 99 and JAN 00.
Product with numeric months on the bottle, i.e. "12 99" are not subject to recall.

The affected product also is labeled with the following UPC Codes:
i) NATURAL ORANGE JUICE - 21609 00010
ii) NATURAL FRUIT PUNCH- 21609 00020

The Vita-J Juice is distributed in brown cardboard shipping cases. The outer cases are preprinted with the firm's name and address, and stenciled on coding.

According to FDA, 9,600 cases (11.5 ounce plastic bottles 12 per case) were distributed in New Jersey and New York.

This Class III recall was initiated by Raphah, Inc. by telephone and fax on October 19, 1999, and by fax on November 1, 1999.  This is the first public notice issued by the FDA.  The FDA considers this recall to be complete.

Questions concerning this recall may be directed to the FDA at 1-888-INFO-FDA.
FDA Recall #F-075/077-0

Company Statement
All concerned yeast contaminated Vita-J bottles (some formed wine) expired on JAN 17,2000 (code: JAN00). No such bottle should be available on the store shelves anymore. Subsequently, we added additional pasteurizing units. And also filling juice is done in sterilized air environment to prevent any possible contamination.

The juice is also kept under refrigeration on the store shelves with three month shelf life. The product has always been 100% guaranteed. With these remedies, We can assure that consumers can again enjoy more delicious and refreshing taste of Vita-J, 10 calorie juice drinks with 100% daily supply of multi vitamins . Vita-J has been the drink of choice for diabetics, weight watchers and people who have difficulties in swallowing vitamin pills.

Dr. Daniel Jang, Ph.D



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